Zi Jian

We are getting ready to leave China after 15 very long days here. ?I’m not looking forward to the plane ride home, but I am looking forward to what is on the other end of the flight… fiber. ?Oh and my family. ?But that tasty tasty fiber.

My time in China has been very memorable. ?I climbed the Great Wall, I walked through the Forbidden City and Tian’ Ammen Square, I saw people worshiping at the Llama Temple, I learned about the history of the Terra Cotta Warriors, I experienced a 2nd class train for 18 hours, I master the squatty potty, I enjoyed a meal in a Chinese home, I built relationships and made friends and I did it all with 4 amazing women. ?I’m glad that we had the opportunity to come here together. ?Our little group of 5 was fantastic.

This morning we are going to say goodbye to China with one last hurrah… a great Starbucks hunt. ?Supposedly there is one right around the corner from our hotel. ?We’ll see. ?We did find one in Xi’an so I’m not coming home totally empty handed. ?Of course a Xi’an Starbucks mug is not the only thing I’m bringing home. ?I have a few other things. ?I spent all of my money down to my last 13 Yuan.

Will I come back to China? ?I’m not sure. ?I like to leave a place with a few things left unseen. ?I didn’t see the Summer Palace or the Olympic Village in Beijing. ?There is a giant Buddha statue 3 hours outside of Xi’an that I’d like to see. ?I would like to see other parts of the Great Wall (but not in July). ?I would like to return to Nanchang and tour more of the city. ?But for now I’m happy with the experiences I’m taking away.

When I get home I’ll try to put together a little movie of my photos. ?It might take some time because I think I have over 1000 photos.

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  1. Can’t wait to see photos…and make sure you include photos of your souvenirs (bossy, much?). I love seeing what people bring home from their travels.

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