I change my header (aka: masthead) each month. I used to constantly redesign my site. In the time I’ve been writing Life of Elle I have changed my design close to 15 times. It takes too much work to re write all that code. I have better things to do with life like breathe. So in March 2007 I started changing the header only. In 2009 I picked one design look and now change the tagline only. Each November the whole header is purple in honor of National Adoption Awareness Month. Does this mean the site design you see today is the design that was up last week? Likely no. I still rework the site. Like to keep you on your toes.

First original design: Serenity

Second original design: Flashy

August 2006: Yellow

September 2006: Misadventures

October 2006: Chuck Taylor

December 2006: Microphone

January 2006: Where the hell is your father? The only header not created by me.


March 2007: Fucking up the bell curve since 1976

April 2007: Girly Girl at Heart

May 2007: Would you? Could you? In a car?

June 2007: An army of gnomes doing my bidding

July 2007: Sometimes the Dragon Wins

August 2007: Dysfunction Junction

September 2007: Stuck in the mid-Elle like you

October 2007: Don’t make me bitch slap you

November 2007: National Adoption Awareness Month 2007

December 2007: NoElle

January 2008: In Soviet Russia, Blog Writes You

February 2008: Just Say NO to Wisconsin

March 2008:Softer and More Absorbent

April 2008: Old Skool

May 2008: My world is filled with ponies that eat rainbows and poop butterflies

June 2008: Almost as clever as I think I am

July 2008: More educational than Public Television

August 2008: Down, but not out

September 2008: Word Cloud

October 2008: Finding the Beauty Within

October/November 2008 – Election Special: Make Your Voice Heard

November 2008: National Adoption Awareness Month 2008

December 2008: NoElle: 100% Post-Consumer Tagline

January-February 2009: Now and Zen

March-June 2009: The Beet Goes On


July-September 2009: Better Late Than Never

October 2009: Common Sense

November 2009: National Adoption Awareness Month

December 2009: Plum Pudding

January 2010: High Maintenance

February-March 2010: looking for trouble?

April-August 2010: Thelma & Louise

September-October 2010: It’s So Involved Being Me

December 2010: All She Wanted For Christmas Was a Nap

January 2011: Happy Juli-ELLE-uary