• Snack-a-teria
  • Search for the Perfect Macaron

    First there were cupcakes.  Then there was froyo.  The shaved snow craze hasn’t come to Washington yet, but I assure you it’s on its way.  At least I hope so.  There always seems to be some kind of fad dessert.  Be it mix-in ice cream, cake pops or the must-have cookie, we love our snacky […]

  • The Cancer
  • Check Yourself

    One question I am asked frequently is, “So did they find this on a routine screening?” It is a logical question to ask.  I turned 40 last year.  The guideline is that women should begin receiving yearly mammograms at age 40.  I can’t remember for the life of me why I never scheduled the screening. […]

  • The Cancer
  • Nothing is fair in cancer

    Last night was the first moment I’ve had that I came to the realization that this thing might actually kill me.  Mind you I have no intention of giving up and I am fighting like hell to make sure that doesn’t happen.  However, there comes a moment in every cancer patient’s life where you realize […]

  • The Cancer
  • Not a hero

    I’ll be honest, I’m not in this to be a rockstar.  I had no intention of being the bigger badass cancer patient.  I’m not on a mission to get my drains pulled before anyone else or push myself to stop taking the pain killers as soon as possible.  I hear time and time again, “you […]

  • The Cancer
  • Survival of the Fittest

    I like to know what’s going on, or at least what’s going to happen.  Prior to surgery I spent many hours trying to find tips and advice from those who have gone before me.  There are not many articles written by those who have had a bilateral mastectomy on account of actually having the cancer. […]

  • The Cancer
  • All’s well in no-boob land

    It is my third day home and I was given permission, before I left the hospital, to remove my bandages on day 3.  This meant I could shower!  3 days of funk was getting to me.  Let’s be honest.  I’m a wash my hair every day kind of girl. Yesterday I took it pretty easy. […]

  • The Cancer
  • Step 1 done

    When I met with the doctors at Cancer Care Alliance they were in agreement with my treatment plan.  The schedule was surgery first.  Then they’d make the decision about chemo and radiation.  Those depended on wether or not there were cancer cells in the lymph nodes.  The call came down to the family during surgery […]

  • Elle's World
  • When you have to face the music

    My lovely friend, Camille, came to visit me yesterday.  We chatted and laughed.  At one point she said, “I didn’t know what to expect when I got here.”  Meaning, she didn’t know what state I’d be in. I don’t think any one knows what to expect when they show up or call.  My mom has […]

  • Plant Teacher
  • The Love of Growing Plants

    Here you go with a (mostly) non-cancer story. Yesterday was my last day of work for 7 weeks.  I’ll be taking 6 weeks of leave + Spring break.  I tried to regularly remind students that when they came back from the break I wouldn’t be there.  I had a few walk into class and say […]