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  • Whoa. A year

    Holy crackers! A year? Serious… a year. A year ago today I was wrapping up a whirlwind tour on the other side of the world (by myself). I still can’t believe I got on a plane and traveled to Far East Russia by. my. self. Where have I been? I’ve been here. Our little family […]

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  • Things he does

    On the day we went to pick the boy up, or was it just for a visit? I can’t remember. Anyway, one day when we went into the baby home to see Oleg we entered the little office room before the groupa room to see a gaggle of little ones shredding a newspaper. We weren’t […]

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  • Snow and the league of idiots

    The Pacific Northwest is not known for major snow events.  In fact we’re quite well known for fuh-reaking out in the face of a few fluffy white flakes.  It could be that there happens to be a large city in the Northern part of the state that didn’t even own a snow plow until that […]

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  • Kids and money

    As a child my education of money consisted of “we don’t have any.”  My family lived very paycheck to paycheck and there wasn’t much wiggle room.  We didn’t take family vacations, we rarely ate dinner out, new clothes were at back to school time or given for Christmas or our birthday.  We didn’t have the […]

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  • It’s good, It’s not good

    I’m pretty sure today was one for the record books.  You know those days when you finally sit down at 9:30 at night and realize that the glass of wine you are drinking is your dinner.  Yeah… that’s me right about now. When we last left off I was going to call a local hockey […]