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  • Chemo Round #7

    Same ol’ chemo drug, different round.   I keep telling myself, “only one more to go.”  The nurse warned me that my side effects would be cumulative as Taxol went on.  I believed her.  I thought my most major side effect would be fatigue.  Oh darn, more naps.  There was this glossed over, something about […]

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  • Chemo Round #6

    Two more to go!   Despite the pain early in round #5 things finally evened out so that I could at least enjoy a little bit of life.   Last Tuesday I played the part of a parent and took the boy to a doctor’s appointment.  Rather I should say that I attempted to take […]

  • The Cancer
  • Pain Update

    I want to thank everyone for their kind words here and on social media.  Pain is always a scary thing.  I thought I’d give you an update as to how things progressed. Thursday was the worst of the pain.  After breakfast I attempted to take an Epsom salt bath.  It often helps with relaxation and […]

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  • Chemo Round #5: I Miss Me

    I never finished my story on our great American road trip.  Here’s the bullet version: I learned how to milk a goat I learned how to make soap We drove to Vegas I was once up about $10, but then lost it I tried a Shake Shack burger.  It was m’kay We drove home Now […]

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  • Sometimes Chemo Sucks

    Ok, let’s be honest.  Chemo always sucks.  They’re filling your body full of toxic poisons that require a myriad of other drugs to mitigate the symptoms of the actual chemo.  Even though you take that myriad of other drugs many of the side effects get through and it knocks you down to your most pitiful […]

  • The Cancer
  • Round #3 in the books

    Yesterday marked AC round 3 for me.  It was another early morning, but not quite as early as the last.  We had to be to SCCA by 8:00 a.m. for labs.  We ran a little late, but it turned out fine.  I’m always so impressed at how amazing the lab techs are there.  I had […]

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  • Letting go of your hair

    Sunday on social media it was all about my hair.  What you got was snippets of moments throughout the morning.  However, I find it rather cathartic to write about the experience in it’s entirety.  It also may help another woman along the way. I had have a plan.  I’ve never intended to wear wigs.  They […]