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Welcome you who followed directions. See I redid the joint too. Are you shocked. Didn’t think so. And yeah… that’s profanity. Live with it. Aren’t I world’s most pleasant person right now? Nope. I still hold the title of “Dame if you piss me off I might cut your arm off with a butter knife and beat you with it.” I’m bitchy and depressed. What’s worse than being bitchy and depressed? Being bitchy and depressed and not able to shop because you don’t have any money and it’s raining so you can’t go outside to dig up plants just for the hell of it.

The cold and gray is getting to me. My joints ache, my skin is pale and I am in such bad need of a haircut I can’t stand to look at myself in the mirror. I passed up buying a really cute sweater this weekend because I thought $10 for a regular price $70 sweater was a bit too much. Either that or I kept hearing the trusty husband in the back of my mind saying, “we’ll really need to watch our spending until I get paid.” Gah! I hate that. It’s the same thing I heard in my head when I passed up the $35 leather boots that since I have been saying man a good pair of boot would look hott with this outfit. Even hunting girl scouts didn’t brighten my day. Sure the cookies tasted good, but I didn’t suck down a whole box in one sitting. I ate maybe 8 cookies. That. is. it. Sad really.

I need a Bahamavention.

I did some research on seratonin deficiency last night and found some really interesting things. There actually is a way to naturally treat depression. The catch is the natural way is with tryptophan. That stuff in turkey that makes you sleepy. So either I need to eat a whole Thanksgiving dinner every day or score me some tryptophan itself. Although there is a catch. The FDA banned tryptophan from being a dietary supplement after an incident that killed some people. Of course it wasn’t the tryptophan that killed them, but a byproduct from the manufacturing process. The FDA lifted the ban, but only made tryptophan available in prescriptions. So that would mean I would have to go back to the therapist and beg for the drugs or find an alternative. I did just that and I’m off to buy it this afternoon. I’ll let you know how it goes. The side effects happen to be digestive related so this may or may not work.

When I told the trusty husband that tryptophan is a treatment for depression he said, “trip-to-miami.” I sure could go for a trip to Miami, but the furthest I’m going this week is my mailbox.

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  1. Carrie says: Reply

    You new design is much more stark than some of your previous ones… I like it.

    If your magic natural remedy works, please let us know…I could really use something to dose my hubby with and I’m not cooking a turkey everyday!

  2. Lauri says: Reply

    Hang in there…… I get you on the feeling stuck.. wanting to shop but feeling broke..

    hope your back to normal soon
    ( whatever that is)


  3. Rhonda says: Reply

    I think we ALL need to go to the Bahamas together. I need a thaw-out BADLY up here. In fact, I say we need an adoption blogger convention in some tropical place. Yes! With pretty drinks that have umbrellas.

  4. Lee says: Reply

    How about a trip to E.G.? Lots less expensive than Miami or the Bahamas, but we do have sunshine and 70 degree weather! I’d even make you a drink with a tiny umbrella in it!
    Love ya!

  5. Nadia says: Reply

    I am in for the Bahamas trip!!! Hang in there…and hope you feel better soon with the Turkey additives:) I am seriously impressed with your restraint on the sweater(that is one serious sale) and the girl scout cookies…I housed a box on my own this weekend! Argh!

  6. OMG – love love LOVE the new design. And, I must say that the new tagline ROCKS.

    Sorry you are feeling a bit crap.

    This might sound nutty, but have you looked into light therapy? I get really bummed out when I don’t get enough light – am definitely solar-powered. So I went out and got myself one of those therapy light thingies, and I think it does really work. (mine is made by these folks: and I got it at Costco)

    p.s. thanks for your comment about Vegas — I’m off to the airport now, and have a newly-opened mind. πŸ™‚

  7. Jessica says: Reply

    I’m sorry to hear things are still bad, but the new website does look AWESOME! About the profanity: it’s only a word that our society has put a negative connotation to. It could just as easily be “Dearing up the bell curve since 1976” and have the same meaning! πŸ™‚

    You should try light therapy as well. SAD does hit a lot of people, and it’s that late winter/early spring time that goes on FOREVER! I agree with Rhonda: it’s been a really long winter up north, and I can’t wait for spring!! At least February, the longest month of the year, is FINALLY over!

    The idea of a Bahamas blogging vacation sounds great! Or, we’ve told people that they’re welcome to tag along on our tropical vacation in about 4.5 years… enough time for us to save for it, and find out who’s serious! (it will be our 10th wedding anniversary, and we won’t be bringing the kids for it – they’ll be plenty old enough to stay with grandparents!)

  8. Lauri says: Reply

    so is your new site just plain white or is it my computer?????

  9. Tricia says: Reply

    I’d like to invite everyone down to San Diego! Not to brag, but it’s pretty nice right now. High sixties/low seventies and sunny. Not hot enough for the pool or beach… but we could get the hot tub & wine flowing pretty easily…

    Alternatively, we all have to get tight with Christen so she invites us to Grand Cayman!!!

  10. Elle says: Reply

    Lauri, it is just your computer. clear your cache and hit the refresh. It should work then. It should be different shades of gray with a blue header.

    And Tricia… phhhttt, you are talking to people who live in a much colder climate. Low 70’s is beach weather to us!

  11. Carla says: Reply

    Having just gotten back from sunny Florida, I have to say stepping off the plane to 39 degree weather was enough to kill the cheer and joy I found on vacation.

    I am so more than ready for SPRING.

  12. Esther says: Reply

    My mom took tryptophan in the 80’s before it was banned. She swore it was a supplement. I told her she was addicted, they are sleeping pills, and she was hooked. She told me it was to sleep & it wasn’t in a prescription, so who cared/cares? She disciplined me for speaking up. I’m rolling my eyes.

    Hmmm, within a year, it was by prescription only and her doctor wouldn’t give it to her.

    I have friends who have successfully used sleeping pills. Although I can’t personally recommend any for long term use care. I’ve only tried Ambien for our Russia trip, so I could adjust to timezones. Worked well for 10 days going into Russia, and 10 days coming home. I had 3-ten day prescriptions. Never got the third one filled.

    Good luck with the sleep & I hope you are feeling much better soon.

  13. Hey I don’t have your password, but I figured out that if I hit Enter enough I get through- although there is no design. I am thinking of something to cheer you.

    Hmmmmmmm. Let’s see. I think the ground hog saw his shadow or didn’t whichever is the good one that means spring and plants and sun are coming just around the corner…so just hold on a litte bit longer and you will be able to go outside and dig in the dirt.

  14. Hey I don’t have your password, but I figured out that if I hit OK enough I get through- although there is no design. I am thinking of something to cheer you.

    Hmmmmmmm. Let’s see. I think the ground hog saw his shadow or didn’t whichever is the good one that means spring and plants and sun are coming just around the corner…so just hold on a litte bit longer and you will be able to go outside and dig in the dirt.

  15. When I first visited your site today, I too got the stark white. So, I thought some of your commenters were just being cheeky about loving the new design. Then I realized that I hadn’t entered the user name/ password combo correctly, just hit return enough times trying to remember it and your site came up (without the design). Later (after rechecking my email) I correctly entered the user name/ password combo and now I see the new design. WOW…now I see what they’re talking about….very cheeky, indeed.
    Hope you’re feeling better and shopping and digging again soon.

  16. Gaye says: Reply

    Hey Elle…I like the new design! And sorry about the blues…I feel you. πŸ™‚ gaye

  17. Alli says: Reply

    Ah, nothing like some free compost to cheer a girl up. In my previous life I worked for the company that publishes Organic Gardening magazine. And sitting on my bookshelf is The Rodale Book of Composting. I’m more of a flower gardener tho. My friends have such a surplus from their vegetable gardens that I don’t feel the need to start one myself. Happy gardening.

  18. Love your new tag line!

  19. one word of hope for you: Lexapro.

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