You will eat the chicken

Would it kill you readers to comment? You know tomorrow is election day and I could threaten the politically charged debate. I do have a post all ready about becoming an informed voter on a mom?s schedule. Let?s just say it involves a voters pamphlet and a toilet.

Yes. I am very aware that potty training is not a comment worthy post, and that since becoming a parent I have somehow lost my sense of humor. But still, make a mom feel good about herself, would ya?

I won a very important mom battle this evening with the boy. I got him to eat… get ready for it… chicken! Can you believe it? Did you fall out of your chair? Yeah… I didn?t think so. I about did though. I shot CS all kinds of “look at that I?m winning” looks all through dinner. What?s my secret? I resorted to the “anything mixed in mashed potatoes is edible” theory. This time I got smart. I chopped the chicken up small enough that he a) couldn?t taste it and b) couldn?t pick around it. I did try to give him green beans too (not in the potatoes) and he did try them, but they are still a no go in the veg department. I better stick to carrots and corn.

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