You were going to get a photo

You were going to get a photo of the boy to tide you over for the weekend, but instead I closed Photoshop and my computer is too old and busted to open it back up.? Not that I really need to photoshop images of the boy, but I rather need to resize them (and add a watermark).

So in lieu of a photo of the boy I direct you to take a trip down to the popcorn shop in downtown Tacoma.? I can’t remember the name of the place, but there is only on popcorn shop.? Oh and it’s in the Harmon Building, which you can see from the freeway.

I had the pleasure of visiting the popcorn shop with a friend today and believe me I certainly was not in there for popcorn.? A business owner downtown informed us that they have the best chocolate of all time.? Now I’m not one to go around town tasting all the chocolate… oh wait.? So I had this tumor removed and in its place the doctor inserted a love of chocolate.? I should sue.? Oh wait…

So the moment the deliciousness of chocolate is mentioned I am out the door.? And she was right (Thanks Julie).? I counted the remaining cash in my wallet ($8 in cash and $400 in change, ok not so much $400 but a lot) and figured I could get a nice little snack.? I spent all $8.

I purchased 1/4 lb of dark chocolate turtles (there is 1 left), 1 dark chocolate covered caramel, 1 mountain magic (I think that is what it is called either way it is a giant marshmallow covered in caramel and then the whole thing is covered in chocolate a;leirulr *sorry keyboard got slippery from the drool), and one thing called a chocolate almond puddle.? They lay out some almonds and pour pure unadulterated dark chocolate on top.? $8.75 poorer happier I took my leave of the place only to stuff it full by the time I got to the train.

And yes.? I am hoarding it.? The trusty husband got his 1 turtle.? He should be happy I let him even have that.

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  1. Jenny says: Reply

    I would kill for a dark chocolate turtle right now. but since I put on 10 pounds…TEN pounds…no more sugar for me. Have a great weekend!

  2. Carrie says: Reply

    “1 dark chocolate covered caramel” OK, see that was just mean! Those are my all time, hands down favorite and no one makes them locally.

  3. Oh, this really hurts to read. I’m on a diet right now and dark chocolate is my absolute fave. It sounds reeeaaaallllllyyyyyyyyyy good right now.

  4. Harlequin "King" Jetta says: Reply

    Mmmh, chocolate ….

    Awfully nice of you to share one piece, I don’t even do that most of the time.

    But after today’s all-day adventure in Seattle (due to car issues) I think I’m going to dig deep into my box of Swedish assorted chocolates.

    Maybe that’s what I’ll have for dinner, chocolate …

  5. Carla says: Reply

    okay that’s it! I’ve got to have chocolate now. I was doing so good too.

    I’m still bummed that my friend stopped sending me Seattle chocolate something bars. Really bummed. Now this post? OMG those sound YUMMY.

  6. Jenny2 says: Reply

    1 Turtle is plenty. I tend to hoard my bounty and then find it (or parts of it) in the washing machine. Karma=bitch.

  7. lkjasdfag oh sorry, I see what you mean about the drooling… now I’m off to eat some chocolate chips out of the bag and pretend they’re turtles…

  8. Mom says: Reply

    It’s good for you, ya know!

  9. Ann says: Reply

    ohhh, everything sounds so yummy, ummm chocolate & carmel… and yeah, he should just be HAPPy he got 1 turtle, I have to sneak away (& since my boys have a “mom rador” thats really hard to do) to eat/hoard chocolate. 🙂

  10. chou2 says: Reply

    damn, girl, that sounds like a goldmine!! good for you for hoarding – you need it more than he does, I am sure.

  11. Yum. There’s nothing like dark chocolate. I better go get some right now….

  12. Tricia says: Reply

    I’ve been wondering all week what “Chicken Country Captain” was. And I would like to start making my own pizzas. I heard the refrigerator pizza crust from Trader Joes is good.

  13. You MUST take me there when we move down!! Good news on that front: there are two jobs that close at the end of the month! We may be down this winter! 🙂

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