You look so great!

If I had a dollar for every time someone told me I look great I could probably pay for my cancer treatment without insurance.  Ok, not that many times, but you get the picture.  On a daily basis someone asks me how I am.  My typical response is, “I’m good, but I’m tired.”  It’s pretty true.  At school I get around almost like I used to.  That first day back last week was rough, but after that I’ve done pretty well.  There was that one moment in the greenhouse where I did have to have a student help me back to the classroom because I almost passed out.  I blame that on the fact that it was really hot in the greenhouse because the swamp cooler wasn’t working and I’d over dressed for the day.

Let’s forget I said anything (mom).

To be quite honest I am doing really well.  My nurse practitioner even said so.  I had an appointment with her today and she almost seemed amazed at how good I looked.  I know this may not last, but I’m going to take the win.

I contribute my feeling good (and looking good) to a few things.  The first is my students.  It is the end of the school year and they are all bonkers crazy by this point, but I still love them.  I told one to quit being a smart ass today and his response was, “It makes me who I am… It’s part of my CHaaaarm!”  This from a kid who isn’t always the happiest. I loved it.  

I also attribute feeling good to taking care of myself physically.  I’ve been trying to make every calorie I eat count.  I do throw in an occasional cupcake on account of my boob fund.  It isn’t a good idea to mix alcohol and chemo either.  So I’ve stopped drinking.  All of these things have contributed to me losing a little bit of weight.

The sun being out doesn’t hurt my mood either.

Overall I’m doing good.  At least for now.  Ask me again after round #2.

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  1. Mom says: Reply

    Stay on top of the nausea and you will be fine. Some days will be stinky though,,, then hug a kitty, a friend, hubby, mommy, kid, whatever… and know you are still winning! (((Hugs)))

  2. Diana Dunne says: Reply

    I love a saying we have in Imperfectly Brave–“My bravest place is in God’s arms.” Praying so often for you to rest close to Him. (And kudos on the intentional eating–an excellent idea.)
    Love you so so much,
    Aunt D

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