You know it’s bad when…

I call a doctor.

You all know how much I hate doctors. ?The last time I went to a doctor was after I had been throwing up for 7 hours straight. ?The time before that I had an irregular heartbeat for over 3 weeks. ?This time, I’ve felt like I have something stuck in my throat for over a week. ?At first I thought it was just allergies. ?It happened at the same time my face broke out in hives from a moisturizer I know I shouldn’t use. ?Now that the hives are gone and the throat thing is still there I’m starting to doubt they were related.

I thought it would go away. Not so much. ?In fact the feeling is getting worse as time is going on. ?I saw my acupuncturist last week and she gave me a tea that is supposed to help with throat swelling, but that didn’t work. ?She then said that if the feeling doesn’t go away in 7-10 days to come back in. ?I had an appointment scheduled for Wednesday, but when they called to confirm yesterday I cancelled. ?I said I was going to call my physician. ?And I did. ?Amazing right?

I called the doc’s office yesterday and told the receptionist that it probably sounded crazy, but she disagreed. ?Needless to say I see the ARNP this afternoon to get it checked out. ?It could be nothing, it could be an issue with my thyroid. ?In any case I am resisting every urge to consult Dr. Google because if I do I’ll diagnose myself with something horrific like throat cancer.

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  1. lauri says: Reply

    avoid google at all costs

    oh yeah and feel better soon

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