You Capture: Texture

This week’s assignment was a little more difficult for me.? I have a gagillion photos of textures.? Pictures I’ve taken of concrete, rock, brick, grafittied walls… you name it.? Composing a photo that captured texture was a little more difficult.

I had the idea to get a shot of a hockey puck on the ice while at my son’s practice Saturday morning.? A few people thought I was rather odd for practically laying down on the ice to take pictures of a puck.? I’m not sure the shots captured texture, but they are cool shots.? I like the subtlety of the snow on the ice.? It would have been better had you been able to see the chewed up nature of the particular puck I was shooting.

The first is basically off the camera with a slight vignette added.? The second is actually an HDR photo.? I did cheat to create the photo though.? It wasn’t shot in RAW and I only got one shot.? I had to fake bracket it to get the HDR.? But the HDR look is much better than the original.



I think the first one would have to be my favorite.? You can really see the snow that builds up on the ice, but still get a sense that it really is ice under that fluffy white layer.

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  1. I like both of them and the idea. Nice Job!

  2. Both of them are great shots, but I love the second one with the green reflecting off the top of the puck.

  3. Those pictures are great! I think I like the first one better because it gives the picture perspective of where you are and what you are looking at. Great POV. And thanks for visiting my blog! It was f/1.4 in the picture of the brick wall, so, yes… it was the actual depth of field.

  4. I don’t know what HDR is….newbie to the photo lingo.

    I like the first one too…SOOC (just learned what that means, last week) are more my style and what I tend to like more.

  5. Great idea. Love the shots. No pun intended.

  6. Those are really nicely done!

  7. I love these, Elle. Both of these are so simple but there is so much to look at. Like good art.

  8. Crazy Babs says: Reply

    I love the first image. The snow, the focus, and depth all make for am impressive image.

  9. Candi says: Reply

    Very awesome! I love both of them!

  10. Bill says: Reply

    Pictures of concrete?

  11. Amy J says: Reply

    Neat idea, I like the snow in the first one.

  12. Oh I love both of them! I think the second one is my favorite šŸ™‚

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