You Capture: Red

I thought that with such an arsenal of images from the weekend that I would participate in this week’s You Capture. ?I would have rocked it had it been blue. ?Red was a little more difficult and one of the images is a repeat from yesterday’s post, but with a different photoshop technique.

I’ll give a little background on the images. ?1st is the sno-cat that you already saw. ?It is on the third level at Holden and that is where it will live out it’s life. ?The eggs are the art project we did over the weekend. ?We were fortunate enough to have a lady named Pam Gompf there to teach us the art of Pysanky (Ukrainian Easter Eggs). ?The eggs are huge in symbolism and every little stroke on the eggs means something. ?At our worship service monday morning we put all of the eggs into the baptismal font and had a blessing of them. ?The last image is the map of the third level. ?There are people at Holden Village called Garbologists. ?It is their job to sort all of the trash and recycling produced by the villagers and visitors. ?They have it down to a science.


What did you capture?


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  1. Andrea says: Reply

    Wow fun selections!

  2. Laura says: Reply

    I love the eggs, beautiful!

  3. DebiP says: Reply

    Red is such a great color to capture…especially in fall..the eggs are beautiful

  4. marie says: Reply

    The eggs are beautiful!

  5. Tina says: Reply

    Great captures!

  6. So creative, the eggs are so pretty! =)

  7. Mendie says: Reply

    The eggs are amazing, love seeing craftsman ship with such detail!

    Great shots!

  8. The eggs are fabulous!

  9. Oh, great shots. I love the first one!

  10. What a FUN post! Love all the different RED and specially the EGGS<–they are pretty AMAZING
    Great Captures!
    "Here is my RED” <–Hope u like =)

  11. Tomara says: Reply

    I’m starting to love taking red photos. It’s such a vivid and bright color! Very nice photos. I like the truck (or should I say former truck). Great job!

  12. Joanne says: Reply

    Love the pics, but especially the eggs. I’d never heard of them until last May. I think they are a great tradition.

  13. Great photos! Those eggs are beautiful!

  14. Great shots…and all with such interesting stories!

  15. Very creative and fun! I just love outside of the box thinkers : ) Brilliant take on red : )

  16. Trent says: Reply

    Oh man I’m almost famous! One of those eggs is totally mine, well gosh golly gee willikers. I’m literally closest to the cam with the Green dots! Man just made my day. Don’t get me wrong not saying It’s the best one there but an honor none the less.

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