You Capture: Nature

Next to perspective this was just about the easiest thing for me to do. ?The majority of the photos I take are of flowers and buildings. ?Someday I’ll put together some slideshows of both. ?We are kind of between things on the flower scale in the Northwest, or at least in my garden. ?I have the usual suspects, Rhododendrons, blooming. ?They just don’t photograph very well. ?Kinda like that girl on ANTM that is pretty in person, but that just doesn’t translate into pictures.

The trusty husband suggested I go out and take some photos of my Peonies (I have 5 of them in the garden). ?So I did.



I promise I’ll post photos of my hair. ?I just have to shower first.

What did you capture?

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  1. marie says: Reply

    I really, really love that second shot!

  2. i love peonies

  3. Love the color of these… beautiful!

  4. Lee says: Reply

    I love your flower shots! (hint, hint) 🙂

  5. Aunt Jan says: Reply

    Your Peonies look almost as good as mine did. Just teasing, they really are pretty. I will have to send you some pix of this year’s pictures. Look forward to seeing the new hairdo. Hugs, Aunt Jan

  6. This is lovely, but where are the hair pics??? 🙂

  7. Nancy says: Reply

    I love your peonie pics, they are my secon favorite flower(tulips first)!!

  8. April says: Reply

    These remind me of my grandmother’s peonies. Love them!

  9. all of these peonies are making me so jealous — i am totally planting some next spring! absolutely gorgeous pictures … the pinks are stunning!

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  11. mom says: Reply

    Still to cold where I’m at. No blossoms yet.

  12. Lovely photos! I absolutely adore peonies, and you are so lucky to have them growing in your own yard!

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