You Capture: Letters

I haven’t done a You Capture for a while. ?Frankly, I’ve been busy and keep forgetting to check out what the week’s theme is. ?A few weeks ago it was “rustic” and I put a sticky note on my monitor so I would remember to find something. ?That worked out well. ?I’m sure the only rustic look at anything I got was that of my face first thing in the morning.

The goal of this project is to take a new photo each week. ?I will also say that I didn’t even look at this week’s theme until tonight (Wednesday). ?The theme was letters. ?It is currently 9:00 at night and I’m not the best at indoor shooting and am very uninspired by what is in my house right now so I dug something out of the archives. ?It may not be a new photo, but I used the opportunity to try out some of the new features on Photoshop CS4. ?We all know how much I loves me a good Photoshop technique. ?I also happen to like to take photos of signs, especially murals.

This is a photo of the Harmon building on Pacific Ave. in downtown Tacoma, WA. ?I used to live in the building. ?From this view my apartment was the the third one from the top, third one from the left. ?My cat (Isis) walked out onto the ledge of the building one afternoon. ?We lived on the 7th floor. ?I love this building. ?The mural on the other side is bright yellow and you can see it from across town. ?This side is the less?noticeable?view.


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  1. T&T says: Reply

    good capture!

  2. That is a fantastic picture. Did you have a little heart attack with the cat out the window on the 7th floor? I would have.

  3. Hey! A fellow PNWesterner! I’m up in Edmonds.
    Great capture 🙂

  4. Oooh, what a gorgeous shot with awesome light. Well done.

  5. Love the angle and the letters – I wonder how many people notice that sign up there?

  6. Jessi says: Reply

    Awesome building and great letters. I love classic looking signs on buildings. Great shot!

  7. Erin says: Reply

    That’s a fantastic picture. What a great view!

  8. kris says: Reply

    Neat picture!

  9. Stillmary@musingsofthesixties says: Reply

    Wow! Nice picture. I’ll bet that was a fabulous apartment and downtown Tacoma must have been a great place to live!

  10. Oooh, I love this. The architecture is absolutely beautiful … great angle, as well.

  11. love it, great shot.

  12. I love this capture. What a great shot!

  13. Gifted! (Even if I am your mom)

  14. alice says: Reply

    cool shot! i like the angle, the colors, and the architecture! i can’t believe your cat walked out on that ledge- whoa! great post today.

    i have my you capture post up now, so come on by The Shadow of the Cross and check it out. i’d love to have you visit :O).

  15. Oooh! What a pretty photo. Very nice! Oh, yeah, I totally would’ve had a heartattack if my cats went out on a ledge like that. Yikes!!!

  16. Audrey says: Reply

    Dug out of the archives or not, I like it! Great job! 🙂

  17. I love your capture this week! The building (and surrounding buildings) are fabulous, and I love the way you edited it! Very nice 🙂

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