You Capture: Joy

I am a little late getting my You Capture photo up today. ?I normally like to do it the night before, but I went out with a girlfriend last night for a drink and dessert. ?Let me tell you that felt damn good. ?She and I used to do this all the time in the days before I had a child and frankly I miss it. ?I had been complaining to the trusty husband that I’d lost my funny. ?I just don’t feel like myself and I am far too serious all of the time. ?Last night I realized where my funny is. ?It’s with this girlfriend. ?I love to make her laugh. ?Her laugh is simply infectious. ?Had I been paying attention I would have pulled out my camera and taken a photo of her because, to me, that is what joy is. ?I wasn’t thinking straight and she doesn’t like to have her photo taken so you get this instead.


Those of you who know me very well will look at this think that I’ve gone right out of my tree. ?I am deathly afraid of clowns. ?They rank right up there with a fear of dying and my fear of suspension bridges. ?Why on earth would I a) be taking a photo of a clown poster and b) actually remove one of these posters for my own wall art? ?There’s a great?explanation?for this. ?If you recall I participate(d) in a weekly chalk drawing contest last year. ?The contests have resumed, but I have been unable to join the group because of scheduling or weather (I don’t like to get wet) conflicts. ?However, last year I had the opportunity to work with some of the most talented artists in Tacoma. ?I don’t necessarily consider myself in the same?league?as them, but they let me play and it makes me feel included. ?I also mentioned a couple of guys that started a guerilla art movement in Tacoma called Beautiful Angle. ?It just so happens that one of the chalk artists (James Stowe) was invited to help design, create and distribute a Beautiful Angle poster. ?A chalk artist that is simply amazing. ?The poster was distributed about town Tuesday night. ?It is one I had to have for my ever growing collection of Angle posters (I’m up to 6 and only 1 was given to me. ?I hunted the rest).

So why does this picture capture joy? ?I’ve had a pretty crappy week. ?Everything from listening to my roof continue to leak despite my gett-o roofing to falling out of my chair. ?It has pretty much sucked. ?When I found out that the new poster was up I knew what I had to do. ?Often Derek hunts the posters because poster hunting with a 4 year old can be a pain. ?This month it was my turn. ?I found them in my usual spot and was thrilled at seeing so many in one place*. ?That was pure joy for me.


*Hunt? ?Find in one place? ?What are you talking about? ?Lance and Tom (and Stowe this time) only print about 120 posters and only 80 or so are posted in various places around town. ?You never know when they are going to be posted or where. ?If you want one you have to know someone who knows someone or hunt one for yourself. ?The first poster I found was done for the Tacoma Food Co-op. ?I found it on a pole outside of Over the Moon Cafe and I shimmied the pole for it.

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  1. joy comes in so many different forms!

  2. Ok, I just love this post. I totally get it!

    And I hope the rest of your week is only good things.


  3. Joy can be elusive. Sometimes you have to flip a boulder to find it, but it is always there.

  4. T&T says: Reply

    oh man – I would so like a night out – JOY for sure

  5. Love this! Love it!


  6. Shae says: Reply

    Love the texture.

  7. I love you very much…And I still think those clowns are creepy, BA or not 🙂 I bet you and D hung them above you bed, didn’t you?

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