You Capture: Family

When I saw this challenge come up I thought I was actually going to stick to the theme. ?I had planned to do a little family self portrait this weekend. ?I had a plan. ?Then I remembered that we were having a barbecue and that my sister and nephew were coming. ?Even better. ?I would get the trusty husband to take a photo of Little and I. ?He then mentioned it would be his capture if I did that. ?True. ?Then I got busy, people started showing up and the photo of Little and I never happened. ?I did get quite a few photos of my pre-shus nephew, Leo. ?He’s family.


Earlier this week an opportunity presented itself to take an out-of-the-box family photo for this week’s challenge. ?As I was getting ready for our party Sunday morning I did some rearranging of things in a little 1/4 circle flower bed by our front walk. ?I put the boy’s bench and a little “patio” in it and dubbed it the boy’s garden. ?All it needed was a few flowers. ?While we were at the vegetable store picking up stuff for the barbecue I told the boy he could pick out some flowers for his garden. ?We let him buy 10 little packs of bedding plants (he picked 10 different varieties of course). ?We planted the flowers Tuesday afternoon. ?The boy planted some of them, but it was mostly him picking the flower and telling me where to dig the hole. ?He placed every single plant in his little garden. ?He had planted one yellow Marigold on the corner and then a few other flowers in other places. ?He picked another yellow Marigold and I asked where he wanted it to go. ?He said, “right here next to this yellow flower. ?It needs a sister.” ?There are now two little yellow Marigolds side by side. ?A brother and a sister.


I smiled at this little exchange, but it broke my heart just a little bit. ?The boy would really like a sibling (brother or a sister) and that is just something we can’t make happen for him. ?It isn’t that we don’t want more children. ?It is quite the opposite really. ?We just cannot afford the cost of another adoption and our attempts to get pregnant end in colossal failure.

What did you capture?


yes, I photoshop nearly all of my images. ?Here are the originals.

leo-original family-original

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  1. jenn says: Reply

    Great “family” shots!!

  2. Elle,
    Your captures are always SO beautiful. Your nephew is adorable! The brother and sister flowers just melt my heart.

    Great captures.

  3. I will pray for a miracle for you today! Very sweet pictures : )

  4. Ali says: Reply

    Your pics are great…way to be honest about photoshop. It seems everyone is doing it these days 😉

  5. April says: Reply

    Amazing photos!! Your nephew is adorable!!

  6. Jenni says: Reply

    I like your (and the boy’s) take on “family.”

  7. The little back story to the brother sister flowers makes me a little sad.

    Sweet pictures.

  8. mom says: Reply

    Your pictures are always delightful but your post is what truly touched me. Family… it’s our strength in storms and the very foundation of our souls. I love you.

  9. Momma Clea says: Reply

    I love the picture of MY son… you gona send it to me???? Thanks for inviting us to the Barbeque I loved being there and seeing my son with his cousin. Mom was great too… Leo loves his grandma!!! Talk to you soon… you better be there for his 1 year birthday… I can’t handle Stan’s mom on my own.

    PS. Can you make another site for me??? I need to start Blogging again. How much you gonna charge me?

  10. Wow! Your unedited pictures are prettier than a lot of my edited ones! I know the pain of wanting more kids. Fingers crossed for you and a miracle.

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