You Capture: Expression

Aren’t I all fancy. ?Two posts in less than 24 hours. ?I must be feeling better. ?Either that or it’s Thursday and time for You Capture. ?I thought about going all lazy on you and bagging it this week since I have taken approximately 6 photos in the last week. ?But that wouldn’t be very sporting of me. ?I thought about pulling something out of the archives (because you know I have lots of those), but again where’s the fun in that.

The theme of the week is expression. ?You would think that would be easy with my child. ?Just snap a photo of him making a dumb face. ?I took one of those actually. ?However, I thought it better to think outside of the box. ?Whereas my box includes me still being slightly sick and in my housecoat (ie, things inside of my house).

I have a huge expression all over my house. ?It happens to be my favorite collectible. ?I collect crosses. ?I have an entire wall in my laundry room of crosses. ?They are in (almost) every room of the house and on the house. ?It isn’t so much because I’m a Bible toting Christian, but because it is one tangible expression of my faith. ?That and a constant reminder. ?I need those.

These happen to be a collection of crosses my MIL gave me a few years ago. ?I believe she purchased them at a craft store and put the mat and frame together. ?The boy loves to count them over and over. ?They are just outside of my kitchen so I can see them while I’m cooking. ?Of my entire collection they are some of my favorites.

The first is how I shot it off of the camera. ?If you want the specs on it I shot it in macro mode of my camera and the settings ended up being f/4.5, 1/10, ISO 400. ?It was also shot in RAW mode.


I then got my hands on it in Photoshop (rather Camera Raw). ?I upped the exposure +1.35, increased the brightness +50, and the saturation +43. ?I upped the highlights +29 and increased the blues +23. ?I put a huge vignette on it and called it good.


What did you capture?

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  1. So beautiful!

  2. jessi says: Reply

    Wow, your editing made a huge difference! Beautiful!

  3. It’s amazing how vibrant the colors are in the second shot. Stunning!

  4. The first is a good shot, but the color boosts really help ~ I love seeing the beginnings of gorgeous photos! It helps me feel a bit better about some of my own shots!

  5. Beautiful picture. Your editing makes a huge difference. Thank you for showing us the before and afters.

  6. alice says: Reply

    gorgeous colors in your crosses. i love them all. and, what a great item to collect. come over to my blog – it’s called The Shadow of the Cross :O) – and check out my post. if you scroll down through the pages of my blog you will find several crosses – as i take photos of those every time i see a cool one. does this make us sisters or something???

  7. Awesome crosses and the sign it expresses. Cool processing there too.

  8. Mom says: Reply

    Photogenic and a good photography!

  9. Kari says: Reply

    Ooooooh, I absolutely LOVE this capture!!! FAB job, great editing….gorgeous collection! Thanks for stopping by!!

  10. love the edit!

  11. Very beautiful.

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