You Capture: Emotion

So here is another out-of-the-box You Capture for you. ?Beth came up with emotion. ?I’m not the best at taking people pictures so I thought I would improvise. ?I know, I should use this opportunity to practice my people picture skills, but the best opportunity for emotion I had was me crying myself to sleep Sunday night at the thought of my little brother becoming a pot head. ?I’m taking it very personally.

Yesterday my mom invited me over to “help” her with a little project. ?She inherited my Great-Grandfather’s rocking chair. ?Only trouble is the seat of it had been worn from years of my Tiny Papa sitting in it and rocking away. ?We aren’t sure how old the chair is, but we are guessing at least turn of the century. ?My Great-Grandparents never purchased anything new so we have no clue to its origins. ?All we know is that Tiny Papa loved this chair.

When we returned to my mom’s house with the new fabric in hand I set to work recovering the worn old cushion. ?This wasn’t an easy project. ?I started to peel away the trim and fabric and discovered another layer of fabric underneath. ?Out of curiosity I pulled back that layer too. ?Under that is what we believe is the original fabric. ?A light blue satin brocade. ?It was remarkably intact, but stained from years of use. ?I only wish I knew the history of the chair. ?Did my Great-Grandmother start with the robin’s egg blue? ?Did she recover the chair twice? ?I know she did the final velour layer of fabric. ?It had her hand all over it. ?The fabric was patched, a variety of nails and trim were used to attach it. ?It was as eclectic as she was. ?As I unearthed the layers of history I thought about my Great-Grandparents. ?They died when I was 19 (I think) and 30. ?Neither lived long enough to meet their Great-Great-Grandson. ?I had the fortune of getting to know them just a little bit and their presence in my life made a huge impact.



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  1. mom says: Reply

    Beautiful picture! Grandma would love it’s new look. Big hugs!

  2. You have so wonderfully captured the emotion to be found in objects with a personal history. Lovely.

  3. Your redo of the chair gorgeous! I’m impressed.

  4. Suzanne says: Reply

    Goodness you have so many talents. Is there anything you cannot do?

  5. you can almost hear the chair singing in praise! Love it

  6. Aunt Jan says: Reply

    What a beautiful chair! The curved lines and the back of it are lovely. You did a wonderful job with the re-do of the seat. I love family pieces like that. They mean so much more to you don’t they. Take care Hon. Love Aunt Jan

  7. Jen says: Reply

    Really beautiful … the chair, the thoughts … everything. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Love the story and the chair! Looks fab.

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