Yep, I’m still here

I spent quite a bit of time the other night conducting a post about how our Thanksgiving weekend went and then for some reason it got eaten. I am now too tired and too lazy to recreate it. So just know that it was busy. We spent every day with CS?s parent and family. His sisters were here, his great uncle came from Nebraska, CS?s mom?s birthday was thrown in there, Bunny?s memorial… it was just one big family weekend.

Today is going to be our much needed day of rest. We had planned on hanging the Christmas lights outside, but we woke up to a light dusting of snow. Now it is raining and man alive is it cold out there. So we will be shovelling the junk out of our house instead or sitting around on the couch watching TV. I am all for plan B, but plan A is a real must do.

I do want to say congrats to all the ladies out there with new babies!! Steph finally got her referral of a precious little boy and Crystal is now the proud mama to twin boys. If you haven?t already go on over and give them your love. We need more boys around this joint anyway!!’

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