Would selling my soul for shoes really be that bad?

Thank you for all of you love about the shoes. I actually had a dream about them last night. That would be how much I love these shoes. In fact I had to call one of my girlfriends yesterday to tell her about them. She is one of the ones who has been on the hunt with me. Between the two of us we could totally justify buying them, but our ability to convince CS is seriously lacking. Of course I also told her about the knee high boots I found on clearance at our local Mervyn?s that I didn?t buy and I could feel her smack me right through the phone. Talk about not-buyers remorse on that one. yeah, yeah I know inexpensive shoes are rarely comfortable or are likely to fall apart the minute you walk out of the house, but I did try them on and they were oddly comfortable. Now they only have them in a 6 1/2 and frankly I have done a lot of things in the name of fashion, but squeezing my big feet into a 6 1/2… I have to draw the line somewhere.

I would do nearly anything for the Lollyys. I do have some standards so selling myself on the corner is out. I counted the change in CS?s change cup, but came up about $145 short*. I looked on ebay, but they don?t have them. The closest DSW is in Bellevue. The aforementioned girlfriend and I are planning on a shoe and dress day next week so we may have to do that up north so I can at least try them on. You never know… they could be owwee and pinchy. Would that stop me? Um no.

For the record I own exactly… 3 pair of heels. I am a flip flop girl. I love to buy shoes, but hate to wear them. So what would a chick that got married in tennis shoes want with a 3″ pair of heels. I?ll tell you why. Because I am the mommy to a toddler. When I get dressed in the morning the question I ask is, “Will this shirt show stains?” Because when I try to give a damn about what I am wearing it is like hanging a sign around my neck that says, “please throw your milk at me.” Because I am a hermit and spend my life in my home and fritter away the day talking to a 2 year old who?s voice sounds eerily similar to one furry red muppet. Because in January my husband?s company has a fancy dress-up dinner and dammit I wanna feel pretty.

*They are on sale at Steve Madden dot com for less.

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