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Remember how earlier this year I received an envelope from Russia on the anniversary of losing Sasha? ?Yeah, that was 8 months ago. ?I barely remember it either… yeah right. ?Kathou mentioned that her neighbor was Russian and might be able to translate it for me. ?Long story slightly shortened, she ended up having her dental person translate it for us (also a Russian). ?Since she only sees the dental person every so often it took a while to get the stuff back. ?The good news is that we got the translation back last night. ?The newspaper articles are all the same, with one being a little more in depth. ?I don’t have an exact translation, but rather the gist of what the articles say. ?Here is the synopsis:

The article recognizes the Lindholm family and their oldest son Derek for donating money to the children’s orphanage in Khabarovsk. ?Derek came up with the idea to sell candy in the United States, where he resides, and donated all proceeds to the orphanage. ?With the donation the orphanage was able to purchase toys, diapers, and other necessary supplies, costumes for Father Frost and the Snow Maiden just in time for the New Years/Christmas celebration. ?It also explains the relationship between the Slavyanka Women’s Society and the the Lindholm family in the United States. ?That both have been friends for many years and hope for many more ahead.

I also have a translation of the receipts sent. ?I do have a certificate from the Slavyanka Women’s Society thanking us for our work that I do not have translated yet. ?I will work on that. ?Just to have this little bit of information translated is huge. ?It is further confirmation that what we all do is so important. ?Dr. Tatiana is looking forward to the funds we will be sending this year. ?I still would love to deliver the money in person, but knowing that Galina and her group are taking care of everything makes me breathe a little easier.

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  1. joel413 says: Reply

    The article recognizes the Lindholm family and their oldest son Derek for donating money to the children?s orphanage in Khabarovsk.

    Was this a typo, or is this the synopsis you received?

    …although… Derek is like a large child.

  2. Elle says: Reply

    Joel, the quote is directly from the synopsis from the translator. And yes, he mostly is a large child.

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