I am not one for parenting books or magazines. Much of what I do on the parenting front I just make up as I go along. Sure, there is tons of information out there from those who have done this before, but I think of parenting as some sort of adventure. If you were the mother to my child you would think so too. Usually I will only refer to books when the answer I seek doesn?t exist in my tiny pea-brain. Such as what should I do when my child doesn?t eat for 2 days and insists on throwing every last ounce of food at my head. Answer: internet and a logical consequence. Did the answer I got work? NO. So I started feeding the child myself. That worked and now the child once again feeds himself.

Much to my delight my mother subscribed me to a new magazine that started this last fall. It is called Wondertime. It is the granola mom kinda magazine that is right up my alley. There is information on how to engage your children in creative activities, articles are written by real people dealing with many of the same issues I face and the layout. Oh the layout! From one who derives part of the household income working on newsletter layout, I am in heaven! Mind you this is not a newsletter. This magazine is by far the best parenting magazine I have ever read. I also have a gifted subscription to Family Fun. I do like Family Fun. Great recipes and this month has a fantastic article on birthdays.

Wondertime has now gone to a bimonthly publication. It was originally every quarter. I had to wait 3 long months for my next issue. Fortunately, readership is skyrocketing and they publish every other month. I really encourage you to check it out. You know me… I don?t recommend something unless I really really like it. This would be something on the top of my list. So much so that I took about 30 minutes out of my morning to sit in a real live chair and read. This chair didn?t even have a hole in it and a handle to dispose of bodily waste. Reading anything outside of my 5 minutes of bliss is like heaven.

A few of the more interesting articles I have found include:

Art House

Why Kids Should Talk Back

Just Say Yes

“I found 12 million kids I couldn?t leave behind” (Carrie this will be of particular interest to you)

There are a million more articles that I could link, but this is just a snippet of the type of work.

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