I think I’m going through blog withdrawal.? I posted every day for a whole month and then to take a day off… it was strange.? I’m also in Adobe withdrawal.? After the recent computer debacle upgrades we’ve had to reload all of our software back onto the computer and my entire Creative Suite is not cooperating.? I’ve been demoted to Photoshop CS2.? Eck.? I’m without Illustrator, Dreamweaver and InDesign.? I had to take down the ordering buttons on Sweet Hope manually.? I couldn’t just click and delete.

We finally got our Christmas lights hung yesterday… in the snow.? It’s done, but like every project my wonderful husband tackles, it needs more cords.? We will eventually set out in search of additional extension cords to make our Christmas (not so) extravaganza shine.

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  1. I really like the new design! Especially the header! Good luck getting the rest of the software installed to your satisfaction!!

  2. Well, you can always come over and play with me and show me how to make blog headers and I’ll show you a few Illustrator things. I do have two Macs with the “goods” on them … let’s have an Adobe playdate! (with wine)

  3. Is your menu still stuck on Thanksgiving, or are you eating a lot of turkey over there … mmm … turkey …

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