Winter Wonderland

You know you live in the Pacific Northwest when you go outside to play in the snow at 10:00 at night. The weather around here has been wacky to say the least. November has been the wettest month on record for Washington. We have had over 15″ of rain this month. Now as I look outside our neighborhood is covered in snow. If you?ve been reading Suzanne?s blog you?ll know they have somewhere around a foot or more of snow. We in the South Sound aren?t as lucky. It could snow 4″ at the Air Force base, but there will be nothing at our house. The two are like 3 miles away from each other. Well… last night it started snowing! And it stuck! All told we ended up with about an inch and a half of snow. yeah yeah… not that much, but it is where we live. In fact we don?t only have snow, but ice. I-5 is like an ice rink. Cars are moving at speeds that would remind you of a great Banana Slug. I am dying to know how many hours it took CS?s parents to get home from Seattle last night. Not only was the freeway a skating rink, the Seahawks were the Monday Night game. When they called at 10:00 it had taken them 2 hours to go about 10 miles. We think they are home now, but they could still be stuck on the freeway at that speed.

So since it never snows here and never sticks around CS and I decided to go out and play in the snow last night. The boy blissfully slept away in his crib while his parents threw snowballs at each other. I tell you we are just big kids.

I haven?t taken the boy out in the snow yet, but that is the plan for the morning. I also got down all of our Christmas decoration boxes. The original plan was for Mom to come and help make chocolates today, but with the freeway as it is it doesn?t look like that is going to happen. So instead the boy and I are going to play in the snow and then decorate the house, sans tree.


I do get a kick out of you guys trying to call me Super Mom. I must admit I am anything but. I am just a naturally busy person. I don?t have the ability to sit still. I can?t even read 1 book at a time. I think I have 3 sitting on my nightstand. I love to make things, be creative and give. I am not trying to invite all of this extra work into my life. If I didn?t have anything to do I would go nuts! I would invent something to do. I would repaint a room or something. (actually that is part of my “action item plan” for January) Oh and Miss Ingelaurie I get no lectures on that January is our month of Sabbath. Blah blah blah rest and all that crap.


On other items of note around the Elle house… I am seriously rethinking that potty training hiatus. Really I am fighting it tooth and nail, but this morning the boy came to me and said, “poo…potty” And walked into the bathroom. I told him we weren?t going to use the potty today. A little while later he pooed. Nice. He is now begining to form 2 word sentences and is gaining a little bit of weight. So I may have to give in here pretty soon.

We are also making progress on the rocking. We have yet another new strategy to stop it. He is becoming nicely attached and wants the comfort of knowing his parents are in the room. So now we do our rocking in the chair, put him in the bed with Steve and Curious George and just sitting on the floor until he falls asleep. Seems to be working! Let?s hope it stays that way. We are also making headway with playing in the bed. CS put him in his crib yesterday afternoon and he actually played for close to 40 minutes. This is huh-uge!!! Of course he woke up at 12:30 last night rocking because he was uncovered. I went in, covered him back up, told him to stop rocking, sat with him until he fell asleep again and 10 minutes later I was outta there. Now if we could just stop the naptime wake up rocking I would be happy.

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