I am just damn stubborn. I really hate that about myself. Why is it that we have these qualities about ourselves and we are powerless to do anything to change them? Take for example my allergies. I have mentioned before the severity of my allergies. In order for me to lead a normal life I am required to take a very expensive allergy pill. Now any normal person would see that they are running low on the Pfizer gold and call the pharmacy for a refill. But will Elle do that? Noooo, she would rather run out and suffer the consequences. You would think I would learn.

So here I sit, looking like rudolph, sneezing my brains out (literally). My house is covered in wads of toilet paper simply because I am too stubborn to go out to my car and get the box of kleenex my mom gave me during my last episode. Of course the house would be covered in wads of kleenex, but at least my nose would be less red.

I think my head is going to explode.

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