Why stupidity inconveniences me

This one ranks right up there with a woman suing the golden arches because she spilled coffee on herself (oh stop, I know the circumstances of that but you have to admit that at the time we all sided with McDonalds).

There are some days that I wish the trusty husband still wrote Protesting Stupidity. He has an eloquent way of pointing out the dumb in the world. This post ranks right up there with his previous rant on warning labels.

Call me crazy, but before I give my child any type of medication I go to great lengths to, oh say, read the directions. Just me, but I don’t want to be one of those moms that “makes headlines” in that kind a way. However it was brought to my attention (when the trusty husband emailed me a link to an article in the local paper, because I refuse to watch or read any news) that drug makers are now pulling some children’s cold medicines from the shelves because of misuse.

You heard that right… misuse. That means people bought medication. They opened the medication. They dosed the medication. They gave that medication to their child and their child died. DIED! As in dead. They did not read the label that informs them not to give the medication to a child under a certain weight or age. Better yet, they thought it was ok because there was no warning label stating that misuse of the medication could result in death. DEATH! (yes it deserves all caps and an exclamation point)

How dumb do you have to be to not realize that giving the wrong amount to a child could kill them? It is a child for chrissake. Any dumbass with two braincells (me) left knows that if the packaging says dose for child 2-3 years or 25-30 lbs and your child is under any of those numbers has two choices a) call the pediatrician to get the proper dosing or b) don’t give the child the medicine.

Now… if you look at the list of medications in the article please note that I have given 3 of them to my son in the last year. I have found that 1 in particular works well for us. The Little Colds stuff. Now. Now! I’m not going to be able to buy it anymore. What the hell? I now have to let my child suffer because of someone else’s stupidity? Why is it that the dumb people always have to inconvenience me? Isn’t is bad enough that I have to get my own effective cold medicine from the socially inept pharmacist because of the meth heads.

What next, the state instituting a sin tax on coffee because the caffeine in my mochachino gets labeled an addictive substance.

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  1. Jenny2 says: Reply

    OH GOOD LORD, you can tax the coffee, but DO NOT put it behind the counter with the cigarettes.

    It’s hell being smart, isn’t it?

  2. I had not heard about this until now, I’ll have to check out the list.

    It all sounds ridiculous and unfair!

    Very well said, Elle!

  3. Very well said. Which reminds me, I actually have a post about stupid people that I meant to post about a month ago but never got around to it. I wonder if it is too late…

  4. I will mention the other side, that my pediatrician has talked to me about. The drugs haven’t necessarily been on the market long enough to see if there are any long term effects. She recommends aspiration (using a nose bulb and non-iodized salt water), sitting in the bathroom with the shower turned on full blast and hot to steam up the room, and using a humidifier to relieve symptoms. I figure if I’m not willing to use that kind of medication on myself, I don’t want the kids to use it until they’re older. Yes, it sucks to have to deal with the symptoms of a cold, but the length of the cold doesn’t change by taking medication. I’m very happy that our pediatrician doesn’t believe in using drugs (prescription or OTC) unless necessary. Until then, break out the netti pot and let the nasal irrigation begin!

    That being said, there is a time and a place for taking OTC medications, and I will even break down and take the stuff myself when my colds turn into bronchitis or a sinus infection (when I’m done nursing, that is), and the doctor says it won’t conflict with any prescriptions.

  5. People are complete retards. No other way to say. No being nice here. R.E.T.A.R.D.S!!!!

  6. Maybe it will be one of those drugs you have to sign for at the pharmacist who will then tell you how much or little you are allowed to give to your child. I hope not though. I hate going and asking for the OTC allergy stuff now.


  7. That is funny that you mentioned “headlines” because as I have raised my kids various “headlines” have flashed through my head that have caused me to keep my parenting responsibility in check. Like not leaving kids in the car when I go to the store. I grew up (from about 6 ys.+) waiting in the car while my parents shopped, but that isn’t acceptable today. Anyway, I don’t like cough medicine for kids anyway- so they can pull that off the shelves, but decongestions are a must-have in this house for coughs and noses. I like having a doctor in the house because I always cross check with him on dosage. Sometimes the instructions are wrong because they go by age when they should really go by weight. I understand what you mean by stupid people making our lives difficult. We deal with that daily with the inept people who work for the military but not near as much as the stupid people who toppled the world trade towers and dominoed a horrible war.

  8. Lauri says: Reply


  9. Amen Sister! When I finally give in and realize I have to give this kid something – I read the directions eleventy million times – suck up the medicine and squeeze it back another fifty bazillion times because it is a teeeny tiny bit above the dosage line, and show it to my husband at least six times to make sure he agrees that I’m giving the right dosage. How on earth are people so freaking stupid?? I love the little colds stuff too.

  10. My husband and I had this exact conversation yesterday. I was so annoyed when I heard this.

  11. Jenny says: Reply

    This is why, when discussing stuff with parents at hospital when they don’t want to give their kids the standard newborn medication, I always include the terms “brain damage and death” I support the rights of parents to refuse anything as long as they are informed. I don’t want anybody suing us because “I didn’t know that too much bleeding could lead to death.”

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