Why Me?

So yeah… I went to close the boy?s dish drawer with my foot last night and instead kicked the corner of the refrigerator. Barefoot. Honestly I wasn?t looking to slam the drawer shut, but man alive did it ever hurt.

After dinner we went to a friends house to visit before they left for 2 weeks. During the evening I thought, wow I sure do need to pop my foot, but it just wouldn?t do it. We get home from our outing and put the boy down for the night and I take off my shoes and socks. Hmmm, there is this red mark on my foot. Oh yeah! I kicked the fridge. Duh.

I woke up this morning to a horrible shooting pain in my foot and pain when I walk. That can?t be good. Let?s see, what does the day involve? Oh that?s right… chasing a 2 year old around my house and if I put my shoes on he thinks we are going outside. Kiss any foot support good bye. Add to that today he decided that it would be a bad idea if mommy sits down. Sit at the computer? Up down up down up down. Sit at the kitchen table? Thinks we are going to eat. Sit at my craft table? Wants to paint with me for 2 seconds then onto up down up down up down. Sit on the couch? Scratch my eyes out because I hate daytime television. Read? He wants to “read” with me or gets into everything in the house causing me to up down up down up down.

The moral of the story. I bring this crap upon myself. I should have never tried to close the drawer with my foot. Evidently a mommy brain only makes me dumberer.

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