Why is he my boy when he’s bad?

Why is it that there are just those days when I have the patience of a walnut? Today is one of those days. The slightest little thing just irritates the hell out of me. Even doing my hair this morning was an inconvenience. Sure you could say, “just leave it… who are you trying to impress?” Frankly, I like feeling pretty on occasion. I may not wear lipstick, but I like to have my hair done despite the fact that it will end up in a hair tie or clip at some point during the day.

There are just those little things during the day that make me really pissy. Like my cats that whine at me to be fed because someone forgot to feed them before he left for work this morning. They?re both fat… they could stand to miss a meal. Or my toddler who won?t eat anything. Not even mac n? cheese. You know, he could take a hint from the cats. Or the same toddler that insists that the hippo bike, the bus and the rocking chair all need to be in the kitchen at the same time. Some days it is just a bit much to handle.

But interspersed in those days are the things that double you over with laughter. Take for instance my dear wonderful husband with his out of whack sense of humor. Last night I was working on caramels. As I am standing in the kitchen I am flipping through our family cookbook. Within the book I spy a recipe for brownie mix. (Thanks Ingelaurie!) I look to CS and say… hey we could have made everyone brownie mix for Christmas this year (his aunt and uncle did this a few years back.) He looks at me and says, “honey… we have a whole family full of diabetics.” “True” Then he smart assedly says, “well we could include a note in the gift we are giving that says ?We were going to give you brownie mix, but since you are diabetic you get bran muffin mix instead.” Then starts to laugh.

Then there are the mornings that my son crawls out of our bed and heads to his room. We can hear him rummage through his toys looking for just the right one. We hear him toddle back in and as I am trying my damnedest to not wake up I hear, “In and out, In and out… that?s what dump truck?s all about…” Yes, he has brought me the Fisher Price dump truck or bus or some other toy that plays the same damn song. And he is repeatedly pushing the button right by my head. Wake up mom.

But the things that really get me are when my child plays practical jokes on his father. This truly is due justice for making me put up with is humor for so many years. I am quietly sitting at my desk this morning while the boy watches Curious George. CS goes outside (without a coat and it is about 15 degrees outside) to start his car. They boy knows that the front door should be closed. He gets up from his TV watching and closes the door, with his father still outside. I hear, tap-tap-tap on my office window. I open up just laughing hysterically as CS says, “your boy locked me out of the house.” Why is he my boy when he?s bad?

It?s the little things in life that seem to make it all better.

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