Why I love my city

The trusty husband is at a meeting today and the boy and I decided to run errands this morning.? Ok, I more decided and yanked the child along by the hand.? While we were out I got hungry.? Not unusual.? I’m always hungry.? My choices were a) go home and eat, b) grab a quick lunch somewhere ultra kid friendly that serves a product on it’s menu that consists of 28 ingredients with 13 of those being corn based or c) call Tacoma Chickadee and see if she wanted to grab a bite to eat.? I opted for c.? But not before I asked the child if he wanted to go to the vegetable store or the toy store.

Honestly… who actually asks a child to pick between vegetables and toys?

I talked to TC on the phone and she said she was currently in the middle of texting NEAL to see if he wanted to have lunch since he had littlest with him and it was Frost Park Friday.? Her suggestion was that we join the crowd at the park, then use the wee ones as an excuse to eat at Paddy Coyne’s.

The boy and I miraculously found free parking and ventured off to the toy store.? I was later able to extract the child from the toy store (with only minimal purchases).? What’s more is that while I was paying my phone started to ring.

It was TC.? She informed me there was a chalk drawing contest in the park and that I better get my butt over there.

The boy and I ran to the park in time to score one of the biggest squares, just below the famed R.R. Anderson.? I pulled off my new logo in the shortest time span imaginable because the rain was quickly approaching.? In defeat I pulled my tail between my legs and shrunk off to the pub soaking (ok not soaking but certainly) wet, but not before making an ass out of myself in a way that will surely show up on an Adam The Alien film.

I have to say… this is why I love this city and love to be involved with such a great community of local bloggers.? I had a great lunch with good friends and smiled the whole way home.? I love this city.

*Sadly, I did not have my camera with me so all the photos are courtesy The Tacoma Urbanist, and Kevin Freitas.

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  1. So glad you could make it out! That was a blast!

  2. Diana says: Reply

    How cool. I hope, one day, to live in a city where random fun-ness like that happens. Maybe finishing grad school would help the matter….hmm….

  3. I would move to Washington in a heart beat.

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