Why does it have to be difficult?

As I laid in bed exhausted from the day I asked that question to Derek.  Why does it have to be so difficult?  All I want to do is give away money.  To children.  Who have no parents and live in an institution.  You would think that I was trying to save the world or something.  Which I’m totally not.  Just a few kids, who might someday go on to save the world.  Wouldn’t that be awesome?  And then I could say, I did that.

While you would think that having to make this much candy would be the biggest hurdle you would be wrong.  In order to complete the candy making by the 13th I have a very tight schedule.  I am counting on a particular kitchen to use on Sunday which would allow me and the army of volunteers I have ready to go to complete about 5 days worth of work.  Without that kitchen I will not be shipping your orders on time.  Yesterday afternoon I received an email indicating that my usage of the kitchen might be cut short because of another event that would be happening that evening in the facility.  I would get an hour and a half before I would have to share the kitchen.  I complained and then I was generously given from 1-5.  Last year we worked from 10-5.  We started searching for a Plan B facility.  I complained some more and to higher ups and this morning that I thankfully have as much time as I need after 1:00 on Sunday.  The evening event was being moved to another day.  However, I still had to spend the whole day yesterday and night and this morning fretting about it.  I shouldn’t have had to in the first place.

Then, I went to the bank this morning to open our business checking account.  I didn’t do that last year because I didn’t have Derek with me and just needed to get it done.  So when I went into the bank and asked to set up the checking account (we only have a savings acct. for Sweet Hope) the teller lady said we should have put Derek on the account last year because his name is on the business license.  In truth, his name shouldn’t be on the business license to begin with because the license is currently a sole proprietorship (so we could open the bank account) and the sole proprietor is me.  She also informed me that because the business is a sole proprietor we couldn’t add our board treasurer (who is not Derek) onto the account.  We can’t do that until we change the account from SP to a corporation.  To get the corporation license we have to file the articles of incorporation with the Secretary of State and get our EIN.  I can’t do that right now because I’m knee deep in chocolate.  The good news here is that I was able to open the checking account (but Derek has to go to the bank next week to sign the paperwork), I was able to deposit the checks (but I can’t withdraw any money because I don’t have the debit card yet) and I have more paperwork to do.

The moral of this story is, if you want to start a non-profit foundation please consider doing otherwise.  I think adopting from Russia is much easier than this.

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  1. Wendy says: Reply

    No good deed goes unpunished. Whoever first said that probably adopted…..

  2. Willow says: Reply

    damn! you go girl!!! when you’re done with all this craziness lets get together for a freakin drink!!!!!!

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