Don’t all 3 year olds go through a “why” phase?? Or is that 4.? Did I miss out or is it something I have to wait for?? Because at this point my child has no concept of the word “why.”? “Why did you do that?”? “Why do you still rock?”? Questions all met with, “yeah.”? Like, Lady, I don’t understand a word you are saying.? However, if you rephrase the question to “What are you doing that for?”? I get a better response.? Ok, if you consider “ummm, yeah” more elaborate.

The child doesn’t ask questions followed by a million whys.? He asks, “mommy, what are you doing?” or “What’s that?” or “What’s that for?”? What what what what what.? I hate what.? I hear it a million times a day.? It’s so bad that we’ve started making up creative answers.

“What are you doing?”

“Finding a cure for cancer.”

“What is that?” (after asking for cream to drink before bed instead of milk)

“Special cream for Oleg.”

“Noooo, that’s milk”? (upon realization that his parents had the audacity to lie to him)

“No shit.? We just told you we didn’t have cream and even if we did you couldn’t drink it.”

What is nearly as bad as “I can’t do it.”? Let me rephrase that “I caaan’t dooooo iiiiiit!”? After looking at something that fell on the floor and oh my god he might have to bend over and pick it up.? One minute this child is all “I can do it myself” (sounding exactly like Stewart) and the next “I caaaan’t doooo iiiit.”? I have a little baby Sybill.

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  1. That’s very funny. However, I wouldn’t start wishing for the word “Why?” From what I hear that is a step up in annoyance from the word, “what?”

  2. I think it’s just that questions start at 3. I betcha money that O’s “why?” will pop up around 4. (just what you want to hear, right?) I have the perfect plan for questions. After answering the first 40-million, I plan to turn it around on my boy and say, “Well, what/why do you think?” And to the “I can’t dooooooo it” stuff, I plan to say, “well, okay, then, leave it on the floor, you don’t need it anyway.”

    This is the perfect plan, because we haven’t gotten there, yet. It’s bound to backfire.

  3. Tricia says: Reply

    What are you guys doing this weekend? What’s for dinner next week?

  4. Wendy says: Reply

    I think we should put Levi and Oleg in the same room and letr them annoy the crap out of each other for a while. This morning, while trying to get dressed for work, I had to listen to a thousand questions over how and why Jesus had nails in his hands. Did they use a drill? Was it big? Did it hurt? etc etc etc. I couldn’t even figure out what pants to wear let alone the answers to the universe…..

  5. DebiP says: Reply

    I am blogging about this as we speak…we are full into the why phase..and it is driving me insane…I do not wish it for you…happy weekend…

  6. Glenys can’t answer the “why?” questions but she sure can ask them. I think that is the phase not the rationalizing her reasons but asking the helk of me.


  7. Heather says: Reply

    Ethan has learned the “I can’t do it” from Laura which drives us nuts too. don’t wish for the why yet, Laura doesn’t stop the commentary & questions EVER. Be glad he goes and does his own playing, becuase pretty soon he will become a leach again.

  8. Maria says: Reply

    I have learned a way to somewhat get back at my kids. No longer is it why – can’t I stand on the back of the cart at the grocery store, or why can’t I wear heelly’s down the wood stairs,, or why can’t I sit upside down on the couch.

    It is now – if you choose to do that and you fall down. Guess what Mommy is going to do?

    Both my girls now say this – “Mommy is going to laugh as hard as she can”
    For some reason my kids fear mommy laughing loudly at them.

    Keep with the laughter. It makes for a happier household!

  9. Esther says: Reply

    When my kids ask “why” incessantly, I say to them “what do you think?”

  10. Sounds pretty normal. “What’s” are just another “why” … and it’s all about questions anyhow, not necessarily why or what or who or any of those. And they go in and out of them. I don’t think baby girl has hit “why” yet … I think eldest has. I think eldest is smack in the middle of it. Pushing limits and pushing definitions … everything is “why should I do that” “why isn’t he doing that” etc. etc. etc. At 3 o 4 … it’s just about questions. Don’t be fooled that they’re all “why” … 🙂

    Oh, and if it makes you feel any better, I get in the car with hubby and baby to go out to a special lunch just the three of us today, and when I get in the car, does she want to go? “Yes! Pa-dee Coynes!” Then five seconds later: “Want to go hoooommmmeee! Want to go home!” Say wa? Five seconds ago you were all for going out to lunch? Don’t you want a special lunch out with mommy & daddy and no brothers or sisters? “No! Want to go home!!!!!” Luckily we distracted her with Transformers video on the iPhone through lunch, and she liked the fries. Though unfortunately our bribe of ice cream fell through because they only have whiskey/praline ice cream. But they do have crayons and a kid menu! (And apparently the kid cheeseburger is a grownup cheeseburger with fewer fries and for couple bucks cheaper. That was bizarre.)

    OH! My kids are ALL obsessed with drinking cream, too. I think it’s part of that “need fat” butter-eating thing kids do. If only our metabolisms could sustain such abilities into adult-hood …

  11. Jenny2 says: Reply

    group hug for Elle?

  12. Total group hug.

  13. mom says: Reply


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