Whoring for comments

I have created yet another comment whore. My trusty husband. You see he has this thing about stupid people. He hates the inconvenience other cause him on account of their complete lack of common sense. So he decided that he was going to protest stupidity. How does one go about protesting stupidity? Well, you can?t really. There is no way to boycott stupidity. And people would find you rather loony if you stood by the side of the road with a sign that says “Stop the Dumbness.” And there are far too many less than intelligent people in this world to sit everyone down and say, “here is the deal. Your dumbness is truly inconveniencing me. Could you please stop?”

So what does he do? He started a blog. Actually he started it quite a long time ago. There is some pretty funny stuff in there. But unfortunately he hasn?t had time to maintain it with the providing for his family and all. So the trusty husband has a plan. He?s going to post more often. I?ve heard this before. Kinda like, honey, I?m going to go get a Y membership and work out every day. Yeah… cause that will happen.

The other week he finally sits down and plunks out a post about dumb people standing in the way of my god given right to a drink at intermission at the theater. So I agree to whip up a design for him. After all, he is my husband and he does great things like make the money so I can drool over a pair of shoes that I really really want, but really really really can?t afford. Of course now he is starting to whore for comments. Good boy! Would it kill you people to give me a little love over here. No, Oh I?m sorry Elle that some jag off dude stole your site. See how I have the ability to turn something about someone else into something about me!

Anyway… got read the trusty husband?s stuff. He actually is entertaining. And send me some love over there and tell me my design is pretty.

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