Who moved my Cheerios

I have this tendency to think we need to buy things because I can’t find them.? This is usually a male trait, but I assure you I am no man.? I have been known to squirrel away 4 giant cans of Coffee Mate (don’t judge me) because one gets shoved to the back of the pantry and I don’t see it.? And that shit is expensive.

Last night we had to do a second trip to the mega bullseye store because on the previous trip I didn’t take a list.? The sole purpose was for razors because I was starting to look a little like a hippie.? $50 later I had fancy new flosser things that I’ll pretend to use, a years supply of glue sticks and a hoard of 3×5 cards because they were $.47 each.? I also purchased a bottle of contact lens solution (also expensive).? As I put away the treasures from our trip I noticed there was already a bottle of contact stuff under the sink.? Ummm, I’ll just close that door now and maybe he won’t notice.

This morning the boy came asking for a snack.? At 8:30.? The mean mother I am would usually wait until snack time, but I wasn’t in the mood to argue.? Naturally the boy wanted “Os in a cup.”? What else would he have asked for?? But you see… I don’t eat Os.? And in our house there is a place for everything and if something is out of place I think we are out of it.? Where the hell are the damn Cheerios.

Our kitchen is the size of a closet.? I swear it was built in a time when people only ate TV dinners and was designed to be an eat in kitchen for dwarfs.? There is a part of it that, when we bought the house, didn’t have cabinets.? Since then we have purchased a modular cabinet and shelving unit from IKEA.? It increased the usability of our kitchen by about 5%.? Problem is I decided that the heavy canisters (that we don’t use) and my entire cookbook collection should reside on the top shelf.? Over the years the shelf has started to sag and the trusty husband became worried about the glass on the second shelf.? So this weekend he took it upon himself to rearrange the top shelf.? The top shelf where the Cheerios were previously housed.

He (when I say he I mean I) moved the Cheerios to the pantry.? Because you know those boxes would be the straw that broke the camel’s back and the whole shelf would come crashing down.? In any case the Cheerios are not in their proper place.? Which means we will either end up with 400 boxes of Cheerios or the boy will start getting chips for snack.

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  1. I just give um chips. And I get pissed off if stuff isn’t in the right place. My biggest peeve is the salt (kosher box) it has a place….always has and it is never freaking there.

  2. I our kitchen everything has two places. Where things belong, and where I put them.

  3. Autnie G says: Reply

    I like Joel’s comment. I tend to have the same problem as you…I’ve got a few bags of powder sugar for the same reason. “oh I need it” but really the three bags in the pantry would suffice. Same goes for hairspray…except when I really run out on a workday morning and I live in the toolies.

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