Who doesn’t love a good poo story?

Lauri you will be so proud!!! I can officially post my first poop story. No it did not involve a blow out diaper or poo in a public place. No my story takes place in the bathroom of all places. Specifically the bathtub. I know I know, I?ll get lots of comments about how your child did this too. My goddaughter was the queen of pooing in the tub.

Ours started all innocent like. Yesterday was the boy?s doctor appointment. More on that in a moment. Anyway, we go to the doc?s in the morning and then home for lunch and a nap. The boy has gotten rather regular in his “schedule.” He typically goes after lunch, but before the nap. TMI? Sure, too bad for you. So for some reason he got thrown off with the shots and stuff and didn?t go. No prob. Usually goes after nap if that is the case. Nope. Not after nap. No prob. Maybe today wasn?t his day. Go down to CS?s parents to say our good byes to Lee (the SIL) and Kicky. Normally we bathe the boy at the in-laws and then stuff him in the car so we can put him to bed right when we get home. Last night was no different. It also happens to be that both the boy and Kicky have bathtime at the same time. We just throw the kids in there together. They don?t mind. So we get the boy all washed, Kicky all washed and the boy gets quiet. He?s been doing that lately in the tub so we didn?t think any thing of it. Get Kicky out of the tub I get her dried and dressed. Then proceed to the boy. As I?m drying and dressing him CS looks into the tub and says, “what?s that?” Yep. The boy pooed in the tub. And being the bright and intelligent parents we are didn?t notice it until all the water was drained out. Cause we?re smart like that. Then we see Kicky running into the living room and proudly proclaiming, “Baby Boy pooed in the tub!!” Needless to say we had to scrub down the tub, scrub the bath toys and suck up the lack of parental pride. Good times I tell you, Good times!


The doctor?s visit went quite well. The boy has grown a few inches, but still has not gained any weight. Dr. Rockin? gave us some suggestions for foods to fatten him up. Not saying that we want him fat. Just saying we would like him at least somewhere on the chart. Right now he doesn?t even register on the chart for weight. He is in the 25th percentile for height though. He did get 3 shots and they don?t seem to be effecting him like the last ones. This is a really good thing.

Dr. Rockin? also gave us some suggestions on how to assist the boy to fall asleep without rocking. His suggestion was to rock him in the chair until he is nearly asleep and then put him in the bed and play some soft soothing music and leave the room. The music should only last a few minutes. Just long enough to distract him until he falls asleep. So we went out and bought a thing called iCrib. What a neat little gadget. You hook an iPod (or other MP3 player) up to it and there is an auto shut off feature and a color changing night light. We also bought 2 Baby Einstein CDs that have lullaby music. We tried this little technique at nap time today and it worked great. The real test will be at bed time though. This is where our major issue is. I?ll let you know how it goes.

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