Who doesn’t like a good church bazaar

Day 2 of NaBloPoMo has me asking what the hell was I thinking? Honestly. Do I really have time to be posting every single day? Not so much. Guess I better get on that photo taking thing since photo posts count. However, that would mean getting the child to sit still because you know those old digital cameras and all. Click…. flash……… ……. ……. photo. And he’s gone.

I once again volunteered to help set up for the church bazaar. You know, I have no clue why I’m doing this. I am wearing myself out. I guess it’s because it is something I’m interested in. There’s something about a good church bazaar.

Oh stop it. I didn’t lose it, I like crafts. It’s an illness really.

Tomorrow is the actual bazaar and I don’t know if I can even attend. Now wouldn’t that suck. Spend hours getting ready for an event you can’t even attend. If all else fails I’m going for Krum Kaka* at least.

You don’t get Halloween photos because I didn’t take any. Harass my mother for those.

Now if you’ll pardon me I have wine and pumpkin seeds calling my name.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, counts as a post.

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  1. Sigh. That’s much shorter than the 1667 words a day I’m trying to crank out. You may have been the wise lady taking that bet. But I did it yesterday — we’ll see what happens today.

    And that’s right! The bazaar! I guess I’ll swing by after Puyallup … there is officially WAY too much to do tomorrow. I’m going to have to miss things. 🙁 I’m planning now for next year. I have scraps and yard … I make great furry crocheted scarves! Sigh. Must consult with you before I get started. … I know. 😉

  2. Esther says: Reply

    Krum Kaka? Lefsa? Wow, you’re really hopping ;o)

    Now, where are the truffles?

  3. Sorry…I have another picture I must steal. Makes me too busy to comment!

  4. Harlequin "King" Jetta says: Reply

    OK, will miss you at tomorrow’s brunch, but now my blog is more purple, complete with blonde-esque explanation.

  5. Harlequin "King" Jetta says: Reply

    And what does the fancy acronomy: NaBloPoMo stand for?

  6. kate says: Reply

    yeah, i couldn’t take the pressure of nablopamo. i *may* manage a daily post but didn’t commit. hmmmm….did i mention i’m still single? ;>

  7. You are so nice to volunteer. I like church bazaar’s too. Anyway, I dreamed about your son last night. We (me, you, your son and lots of women I didn’t know) were in this bus together going somewhere and then were dropped off somewhere and I went into a museum looking for a bathroom and your son followed me and so I took him through the museum and showed him around. The museum was like an optical illusion/child museum. I don’t remember how it ended, but it seemed like a long dream. Please interpret Joseph. Ha ha

  8. I scored a stuffed cat by the infamous Elle! Sweet. (I think we need to make you “by Elle” tags or something …) And the kids all got hats. And more stuff. Awesome.

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