White & Nerdy

According to my Dad’s side of the family… ok, all of my family, white & nerdy pretty much describes me to the T. ?I am pretty pasty and I did teach myself how to code websites. ?In fact, I married Mr. White & Nerdy and adopted Jr. White & Nerdy. ?If it weren’t for my love of super cute shoes I would be up there in the down right geek range.

In order for Sweet Hope to become a 501(c)3 we have to keep very accurate financial records of sales. ?Theoretically, this could be done with any number of programs that are accessible to us. ?For instance, I have access to a copy of Quickbooks Pro. ?I really should be using that. ?However, I like to make things difficult on myself. ?Moreover, I’m a big fan of spreadsheets. ?It just so happens that Mr. White & Nerdy is the king of all White & Nerdy (except that he’s super hot so we just ignore the nerdy part) and is pro at making spreadsheets.

When he dies, if he isn’t sainted I will come down from the heavens and smote all of those who didn’t think he qualifies for sainthood. ?I mean honestly, he married ME. ?This poor man spent the week out of town working his ass off and then drove 2 1/2 hours home in the pouring rain only to have me beg him to make me a spreadsheet as soon as he walked in the door. ?I didn’t even offer to pour him a drink. ?And he did it. ?If that doesn’t qualify for sainthood I don’t know what does. ?Saving peoples lives and helping the poor are nothing compared to acquiescing to your crazy wife’s whims.

So the trusty husband created this 5 page spreadsheet that can track what customers have purchased, how much they paid for shipping, how much we paid for shipping, how much paypal took from us, how much we spent to make truffles, how many truffles and caramels I have to make, how many I get to eat extra are left over and how much money we get to send to the Baby Home. ?There is some other stuff in there too. ?When he was all finished he started to mention what would be cool is if we set it up so that I could enter how many boxes of each thing people ordered and it would automatically calculate a bunch of other stuff. ?Secretly, this is what I really wanted, but I didn’t want to push him into too much. ?My response was, “yes, I would like the super deluxe nerdy version please.”

This kind of stuff is what I really dig about owning a business. ?Of course, Sweet Hope makes a profit every year so that helps. ?If we were operating at a loss it would be a whole different story.

Don’t forget you get to start voting for your favorite flavors on Monday.

This weekend I shall be pimping my child out for candy around my mother’s neighborhood. ?Watch for the small person in the safety orange kitty costume. ?He’s overly cute and you will be compelled to give him sugary treats that his parents will later steal while he’s sleeping. ?Because that’s what we need in this house… more candy.

Here have a video so you forget about the fact that I just mentioned that I steal from my child.

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