Whip It

So yesterday I woke up, had breakfast and then felt like I was going to throw up. ?I thought it was because I was desperate for breakfast and resorted to whole milk yogurt. ?I managed to get myself to work, but Ibuprofen and Tylenol were not touching my headache or neck pain. ?I was supposed to drive south to meet the trusty SIL to pick up the boy, but informed the trusty husband that I questioned my ability to drive over 2 hours in the potential rain. ?I also told him about the nausea and headache and he informed me that I would be calling the doctor’s office while my lunch cooked.

I called the doc’s office (twice) and after being on hold forever I got through to the receptionist. ?I explained that I fell on my head and after telling the whole story she suggested that I go straight to the urgent care.

The trusty husband picked me up and we proceeded to wait at the urgent care for what seemed like an eternity after I told the receptionist that I bonked my head when she asked what the nature of my visit was. ?We were lucky enough to observe the doings between a dad and his son. ?The dad repeatedly got upset with his son for dropping some game system on the floor. ?Dude, the kid is a kid. ?If you don’t want him dropping an expensive gaming toy on the ground, don’t buy one for him.

Then we got called into the exam room where we continued to wait for another century. ?While waiting aforementioned man from waiting room was being seen by a doc. ?Why do I know this? ?Well, the walls of the doc in the box are very thin. ?We heard something about hurts here, lifted something and something sticking out. ?We totally diagnosed him through the wall as having a hernia. ?Then the doc poked him or something and the guy evidently didn’t like that as evidenced by the owee yelling.

Doc finally came in, but not before I turned 62, and said she didn’t think that I had a concussion, but rather a nice case of whiplash. ?I asked for pain meds and then we proceeded to the pharmacy.

At the pharmacy we celebrated my 142nd birthday and I walked out with pain meds and muscle relaxers. ?Mmmm, drugs.

So I spent the afternoon in my jammies laying on the couch with the dog watching Julie & Julia. ?It was decided that Busy is certainly not a lap dog.

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  1. mom says: Reply

    Somehow I missed the last post and was confused on the whiplash thingy. Since the klutz of the world is typing as of now, I sympathize with your pain. Hopefully your hard head( also something I embrace) is back to normal. Next time you drive to Aunties… stop by. Please!!!!!

  2. Hope you are feeling better soon! I’m catching up (partial feeds – I must adore you to keep you in my reader very few partial feeds stay) so I don’t know what happened yet.

  3. […] ?A little bit… maybe. ?I think it was more muscle relaxers that did the trick (good thing I bonked my head or I wouldn’t have those). ?This morning I’m mostly ok, but I know if ?I move wrong […]

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