When weekends get away from you

November/ December and June are always the busiest months for us. I never realize June is so bad until it is right upon me and I’m left wondering, what just happened here? This year our June started a little early. Somehow in the back of my mind I knew we had a million things to do so I started us in on the yard work early. Now that the major gardening project is mostly complete (or at least to the point where I can finish it myself) we can move on to the crazy part called birthdays and graduations and business trips, oh my!

We started the weekend with the boy’s last day of school. It wasn’t until he was done with school that it finally set in that he wouldn’t see most of his friends all summer long. I could be a really awesome mom and set up play dates for the summer, but I’m just not that on top of things. The child spend the afternoon screaming and throwing things at me and it was making me seriously look at summer camps. It wasn’t until later when I fished out what what actually wrong. Whining and yelling isn’t an unusual thing around here, but normally it is for a reason. This was for stupid things like, “I caaaan’t open my cuuuurtins.” *throw cup at mom’s head* Once I got to talking to the child between ducking at flying objects I found out that he was going to miss his friends. There are few orphanage behaviors left in my child, but people transitions are one that we deal with on a daily basis. Sometime around Tuesday night I’m fully expecting for one of us to have a major meltdown because the trusty husband is in Alaska this week.

Needless to say the weekend didn’t look like it was off to a good start.

Saturday was the usual of hockey in the morning. That went surprisingly well. The afternoon was our Goddaughter, Kara’s birthday. The boy was just to excited to go play at LaLa’s house. That is until Uncle Matt made the play structure slide into a water slide and my son did a 360 degree turn and came flying off the end of it onto his back. He wasn’t hurt just totally embarrassed (and maybe a little stunned). The remainder of the evening he became Captain Clingon that is until a treasure trove of bugs was unearthed from under a rock.

Sunday was yet another birthday party. This time we finally got to celebrate Chickadee’s birthday with her. Kathou went all out for a party at the zoo including unlimited carousel rides, a visit from an animal, catered food and party games. The party was so busy we didn’t have the chance to see any of the animals. We dashed out from the party to make it to the church for the dedication of our new Fellowship Hall and Education Wing. That ran long and we cut out early to have dinner at Kathou & Paypay’s.

The trusty husband was thankful that he had a 3 hour flight this morning so he could sleep after all of that.

The rest of our weekends include (hopefully, but eww) a yardsale, Graduation Sunday at the church, 2 graduation parties, Father’s Day, Leo’s birthday party, my birthday, my birthday party and whatever else we throw in just for good measure.

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  1. Jenni says: Reply

    I think your June may be even busier than mine – and I have reports cards, Science Camp and packing up a classroom ahead of me! Hope you get to relax a bit in July.

  2. Maggie says: Reply

    Your blog is gorgeous!

  3. mom says: Reply

    And thankfully you have the opportunity to do all OF these things…

  4. May and June is the busiest month for us. It’s still June so it’s still crazy. I been wanting to add your logo on A Maui Blog but can’t find the time to sit down and re-figure out how to add it. When you get a chance , feel free to do so, if no time, then I will do it in July.


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