When the internet makes you old.

Sooo? that whole shoe shopping thing.? That worked out well.? Turns out there is no DSW in Sacramento.? The trusty sister-in-law assured me there was one here.? Unfortunately there is not.? So when I found out there was no DSW and that these people I?m staying with do not own a pizza cutter, I did what any self respecting woman who makes her own pizza would do.? I looked up the closest Crate & Barrel.? Upon telling the trusty husband that we would be going to the Crate he immediately grabbed my arm and begged me not to go.? ?Anything but the Crate,? he pleaded.

Too bad for him.? We went.? Well? he?s having a grand ol? time over in San Fran while I?m sweltering away in here in the land of hot.? My parting words for him were, ?you better bring me back a gift.?? We all know that presents will make up for him getting to go out to the bay area without me.? Riiiight.

I had roughly 177 words written about my skin issues.? Mainly the fact that my face occasionally looks like that of a 12 year old boy.? Then I realized that I had written 177 words about zits and I was boring even myself.? But damn? I worked on it during Higgley Town Heros and by god I cannot concentrate when there are colorful weeble wobbles on TV.? Not so much that I like Higgley Town Heros, but all children?s television programming enters my brain and the music slowly rots away my last few brain cells.

I need those 2 brain cells.? I have important things to do.? Like, find creative ways to break up a Hooby Squabble (see what I mean) between a 5 year old and 2 year old over a toy shopping cart.? For the life of me I cannot deal with 2 crying children at the same time.? Especially when one of them (mine) is trying to deck me.? I am soooo not ready for more children.

Not to mention that the wireless here is so painfully slow I would rather watch paint dry.? So bad that I am now writing posts in Word (thus knowing that I wrote 177 words about zits).? In the time that I wrote the last 3 paragraphs I have waited for my comments to load, gave up and tried to sign in to check my email.? It?s still loading.? So Neal, if you are reading this? can you please bring in my mail too when you go to feed the cats.? There will be no additional wine involved in postal retrieval, but a dinner may or may not be in the deal.? Either that or some nice zucchini bread ?chocolate chip cookies.? Yeah? that?s it.? Chocolate chip cookies.

Still loading.? I might die before I know if I have any email.

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  1. DebiP says: Reply

    I wont say much so it wont take long to load…sounds like your having a great time??!!

  2. Jenny2 says: Reply

    Group Hug? All the Jenny’s get together for you?

  3. Rhonda says: Reply

    Ahhh, two isn’t so bad. You develop this protective mechanism and learn to drown them out, and half the time I don’t even hear them anymore ;). Sounds like you guys are having fun in Cali.

  4. Mom says: Reply

    Whatever will you do? Slow internet for you means slow death. You shall get no pity from me daughter as you lounge by a pool in Calif. and I vacation in Olympia!

  5. No DSW???? Get the hell out of there NOW!

  6. Nancy says: Reply

    Ahh, but there is a DSW going in at Southcenter!!!! I drool everytime I see the sign.

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