When Elle gets stressed

I tell you I thrive on stress.  It seems like I am the laziest person in the world if I don’t have a million things to do.  I get up the energy to do stuff I normally wouldn’t do when under the gun.  Take for instance today… I mowed my grass.  This is a D job.  I do the garden and he does the grass.  But I thought I would do it since it is supposed to rain tomorrow.  Well when I finished the grass I opened up the gigantic side gate and thought about mowing down the jungle of weeds that is my side yard.  It’s like the junk drawer everyone has.  The place where I hide all of my junk.  There is even a toilet sitting in the side yard.

I took one look at that mess and realized, I just don’t have time for this kind of work.  It would have required moving molding that was thrown there after the great office re-do, and relocating other various bits of crap I have been collecting.  Not to mention I would run the risk of hitting a giant rock with D’s fancy new mower.  I decided that the day before I leave for Russia is not the best time to be taking on such a monumental project.  I actually had a breif moment of sanity there people.  Of course as I was closing the gate I smashed my finger in the lock.  Ouch!

Now I am just moving the stress to paranoia.  I am worried that I will forget something very important or something will go terribly wrong.  Like me getting the flu because my girlfriend Danielle came down with it last night and I work with her!!  Ahhh!  God help me if I get the throw-ups while in Russia.  That would just suck.

So wish me luck. 

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