What’s that smell

Every time I scratch my nose I smell it. I just got home from my pre-op appointment and like always I can’t go anywhere without having to go to the bathroom. Of course that means I have to wash my hands. Is it me or do all hospitals use the same exact soap? Seriously. I have a slightly gaggy reaction to the smell of hospital soap.

I hate hospitals. I have every right to hate hospitals. I have spent so much time in them over the years that I’ve grown to loathe the sight of them. Now I’m going to have to check into one come next Wednesday.

I’m still going between fine and really not fine. I’ve found that I can usually get myself out of a funk with funny YouTube videos or chocolate. Today I was going to spend the afternoon finishing my chores and them secretly playing a little Dance Central on the xbox. Trouble is that darn pain reared it’s ugly head today. When the pain starts the whole rest of the body quits.

I could use a little bit of retail therapy. I found this amazing light fixture online last week and THEN found a tutorial on how I could make it for under $100. Then the stupid admitting lady at the hospital wanted us to pay a good portion of our deductible up front. Um yeah… not going to happen.

I was going to look into getting a few new books to read while I can’t do anything, but I won’t be working for 6 weeks so I won’t be making any money.

I was going to run over to the art store to grab my favorite jar candle, but… you get the picture.

Dance Central is looking better and better.

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  1. Ronda says: Reply

    I’m so sorry you have to go through this. After too many nights in a hospital myself over the years, may I make a suggestion? Music. Absolutely the only thing to help me sleep in a hospital. Headphones with lovely music. And, one more thing, a bit of lavender oil rolled on the wrists and temples will help with the smell and the stress and even a bit of the pain. Hospitals are yuck. Hope your time goes smoothly and quickly.


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