What’s that in the sky?

I saw the most amazing thing this morning!!! There was this bright ball of light in the sky. It kinda made me feel warm and I had to squint when looking at it. What is better is that the sky wasn’t this dark gray color. It actually was blue. I had heard stories of a world where there is this magical orb in the sky that people call the s-u-n and the sky was blue. It made the plants grow and you even had to put on these reflective eye shields. I thought it was just one of those urban legends until I saw it in person. I was even lucky enough to capture a picture of it.It was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. Sadly I don’t think it is going to last long. The weathermen, while also mystified at this sighting, are predicting the return of the wetness.

The good news is that this miraculous moment afforded us the opportunity to climb up on the roof to slap a thick coat of roofing sealant around the chimney. We think the culprit is mainly the stupidity of the previous homeowner. The flashing around our chimney was improperly installed and some of the sealant was gaping. Also a big piece of flashing, where the water is coming in, was bent down exposing a large crevice. The funny part of the whole thing is that we were lucky to find some sealant that works when it is wet, but the directions clearly state make sure the area is clear of any dirt or debris. We tried to scrape away the copious amounts of Doug-Fir needles, but the sealant just wouldn’t stick. (of course this resulted in a rooftop argument) My suggestion was to take the garden hose and hose out the junk. Of course adding additional water to an already leaking roof wasn’t D’s idea of smart. However, I won. We used the hose to wash away the debris, layed down a thick bead of sealant and now only time will tell. The next step will be to replace the waterlogged drywall in our living room. Good thing I know how to do that!

On a another note… Go check out Margaret’s blog. I had fun with this one, but who am I kidding, I have fun with them all. Those of you who use Internet Explorer (IE) as your web browser have no issues viewing it. Those of us using Mozilla have some issues. I am not sure what the deal is, but it won’t view right in Moz. I will have to do some exploring.

And on a totally unrelated topic, I need the help of my bloggy friends. I need a new ringtone for my cell phone. Currently my phone plays the “A team” theme song. Come on… you know the show, Mr. T, Murdock and the gang. This is not to say that I am a big Mr. T fan, but I think the them song is a riot. However, I am getting tired of the A. So here is your chance, let me know what you think my cell phone ring tone should be. The possibilities are endless.*

*ok, not really endless, I am secretly searching for the Hey song, but I can’t seem to find it. I just need some good suggestions to an alternative.

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  1. Rhonda says: Reply

    OK Lisa,

    What about Diana Ross’ “I Will Survive”? Its kinda our theme song right now! Yes, its corny, but you should expect nothing less from me!

    And a note to Elizabeth…You are TOTALLY welcome in the adoption community, you are no imposter. NOT AT ALL. If you don’t mind all of us moaning and groaning about our infertility and adoption waits, then hey, we love ya. I’m thrilled for your sis, leaving in February. That’s awesome.

  2. Elle says: Reply

    Thanks for the compliment on the blog design. Don’t have my next project yet, but I am sure one will come up.

  3. Sinklier Family says: Reply

    I’m delurking here…

    Don’t think I can offer much advice on the ring tone front…

    But your templates are AWESOME!!!!!

    Margaret’s is soooo cool, I think it might be my fav!

    Do you have your next project yet…I know someone who wants one : )

    good luck in your continued wait for reacreditation! I look forward to the day when you are posting from home with your little Sasha!

    Take Care BME!
    (overly invovled sister to a PAP, and yes I do feel like an imposter in the adoption world but I’m addicted : )

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