What’s in a day

Here’s an account of yesterday

6:15 – Husband’s alarm goes off. We both ignore it
6:29 – look at phone and read email
6:31 – try to fight getting out of the bed
6:40 – roll out of bed because I can now hear the coffee pot
6:56 – sit down for breakfast
7:09 – remind child to eat
7:13 – remind child again to eat
7:16 – tell child that if he doesn’t eat he won’t have time to go see the chickens before school
7:20 – tell child to get dressed
7:23 – help child find pants that fit
7:25 – remind child to put on shirt
7:27 – tell child if he doesn’t get dressed he’ll miss his bus and also won’t get to see the chickens before school
7:31 – deem child’s hair is good enough and doesn’t need combing
7:33 – take child out to chicken coop to say good morning to the girls
7:42 – bus picks up child
7:45 – discuss various game meat with neighbor and tell him to try reindeer hot dogs when he’s in Alaska
7:56 – sit down to read blogs
7:57 – contemplate why I still do that
8:15 – finish reading blogs
8:18 – download stuff off of camera and realize I need to take better photos
8:45 – jump in the shower
8:55 – throw on yesterday’s jeans and a mostly clean t-shirt
9:00 – try new hair product (not 100% impressed) & throw on makeup
9:18 – put on only clean pair of socks and determine bed does not need to be made
9:20 – go to get laundry out of dryer and notice it is raining.
9:21 – weep
9:22 – get laundry, dump it on the unmade bed and put new load in. child now has clean underpants
9:30 – make list for mega home improvement store
9:35 – new hair product isn’t that bad
9:37 – head to mega home improvement store… it is now raining hard
9:57 – leave mega home improvement store in RAIN
10:21 – since it is raining decide to bake doughnut holes and a blueberry rhubarb crisp
10:38 – clean kitchen (including mopping the floor) while blueberries thaw
11:12 – decide to draw but realize it is now sunny
11:13 – eat candy instead
11:21 – pick child up from the bus
11:28 – new hair product a success, put hair up in pony tail anyway
11:30 – hang plant brackets (formerly purchased at mega home improvement store) on arbor and hang up fuchsias
11:49 – hand till and amend bed for corn
12:20 – lunch
12:42 – start blubarb crisp while child does his homework
1:05 – sit down to draw (I’m working on a custom family crest for a customer)
1:52 – take crisp out and draw more
2:05 – take child outside and show him how to harvest broccolini
2:14 – feed remainder of broccolini plants to the chickens
2:16 – plant corn in previously amended bed
2:25 – gather all the supplies to make living fence along the street so the hooligan neighbor kids won’t steal my watermelon
2:40 – neighbor girl gets off the bus and want’s to play. child want’s to show off his chickens so they play at our house.
2:50 – children come running to tell me the dog stuck her head under the back fence. neighbor girl trips in the garden and I have to clean up boo boos
3:05 – resume fence building with children “helping.” child is bent out of shape about neighbor girl not wanting to hang out in the chicken coop (I don’t blame her). She helps while child plays with the dog.
3:30 – it is starting to rain, fence is finished, clean up and my mom arrives.
3:35 – return neighbor girl to her house
3:45 – pack child’s clothes to take to grandma’s house
4:00 – mom drives away with child
4:02 – sit down at computer to work
4:40 – husband arrives home
4:42 – have first cocktail
4:45 – fold laundry
4:58 – have second cocktail
5:00 – start watching the Netflix movie we’ve had for months (Invictus… it was m’kay)
6:00 – eat dinner while finishing movie (husband made dinner, I drew while he cooked)
7:30 – spend rest of evening watching various things on TV and drawing during pauses.
8:30 – try blubarb crisp. Deemed yummy
9:50 – wash face and get ready for bed
10:00 – have conversation with husband
10:40 – lay down and pass out

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  1. Tricia says: Reply

    That’s it? LOL!!! I’m impressed you waited until 4:42 for the first drink!

  2. mom says: Reply

    good grief!

  3. Jan says: Reply

    I’m tired just reading that loooog list. You are one busy woman,just shows how well you can multi-task. LOL. Hugs, Aunt Jan

  4. BethAnn says: Reply

    Where do the kittens help in the daily activities?

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