What’s For Dinner?

In a normal week I plan out what we are going to have for dinner every Monday and do my shopping accordingly.? There are some weeks when I don’t feel well enough to get out to the grocery or I just lack the brain capacity to plan ahead.? Some nights I look at the list of freezer dinners and say, “hmmm, meatloaf.? sounds good to me.”? Of course there are the weeks when it is 8000 degrees outside and the thought of cooking is so far beyond anything I want to do it is ridiculous.

I also get comments from people about the stuff my child eats.? This is my thing.? Lauri may be a Nazi* about manners, but I’m the food Nazi.? I have refused to cook special food for my child since day one.? (ok, there were a few meals when I gave him a hot dog or something because I was craving super spicy Indian food, but he’s learned to like Indian so he eats that.)? Because of my Naziesqueness the child eats nearly everything, although beans are a foreign concept to him.

The trusty husband is forever asking me what is for dinner.? I write down the weekly menu on a 3×5 card and stick it on the fridge every week.? (3x5s are my life)? However, our fridge is not at his office so I periodically get an IM (instant message) asking what is for dinner.? Now! he doesn’t have to ask.? He can check that handy little doo-dad right over there


Every week I’m going to post what is for dinner.? It may give you some inspiration as to what to have in your own house.? Maybe it will make you a little jealous as to what my child will eat.? Mostly it is for the trusty husband and yet another check measure for me to get off my ass and cook the food.

If you want to have any of the recipes let me know.? I’ll post them when I’m asked and let you know the source of the recipe**.


*Can’t wait for the Google hits on that one.

**I rarely make up dishes.? Last one I did was Chicken/Corn Soup.? Very good, but I’d change the recipe a little.

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  1. Yes. I am jealous your kid eats all that. Damn.

  2. Jan Bartel says: Reply

    Would like to see the recipe for Madura Chicken. Thanks. Hugs, Aunt Jan

  3. Jenny says: Reply

    I cook the same 4 things now. Over and over. I am soo bored. But I have no time to think up anything new. I do not use a recipe, EVAH.

    My girls favorite. Noodles with chicken, brocolli, snap peas with soy, ginger and sesame.
    I llove the menu!

  4. serena says: Reply

    You are so organized. I have recently made a vow to do better. Since its always just been me before my daughter came into my life, I’m in a bad habit of having sandwhiches or cold cereal. Terrible, but I hate cooking for one. Anyway. I’m working on it. I’ve been noticing Yahoo has a menu list on Mondays and have looked at some of their recipes.

    My daughter also eats most everything. She is big veggies, meat and fruit. I have my parents to thank for this since she is with them during the day.

    Thanks for the inspiration.

  5. Lauri says: Reply

    I am trying to plan meals better and try new recipes… while I found the casserole I made last night yummy ( mexcian chicken & spaghetti) it was not a real crowd pleaser and now I am stuck with tons of leftovers.

    I think it is great that Oleg will eat what you serve him… I think that is a great thing and more parents should demand/instill/ ask that their children at least try new foods.. we have the “no thank you bite rule”.. Livi must take one bite of a food.

  6. Well this week’s menu sure sounds good! I’m going to try to be a food nazi like you and not cook special meals for the boy. I think you’ve got the right idea.

  7. I wish I could be organized enough to have a weekly menu! If I have even 1 day planned ahead I feel on top of things!

  8. kate says: Reply

    Yum. I refuse to become a short-order cook when d2b gets home. I’m glad to know it can work!

    Was just complaining that I was tired of all my clothes, all my books, all my food…so maybe this will inspire. I’ll welcome and all recipes.

  9. Jenny2 says: Reply

    Uhm, will you feed me? My freezer is entirely made up of Amy’s Organic Frozen Dinners. Boo.

  10. Jenni says: Reply

    You’re like my husband! He plans the menu out and posts it on the fridge. We also do a variety of dishes, which have made our kids much less finicky eaters. I’ll have to show your list to Jeff – he may get some new ideas.

  11. Gaye says: Reply

    you are so funny!! Now, Roman will pretty much eat anything I give him…broccoli and green beans are his favorites. But, I lack the desire to cook most nights in the summer…too hot!! 🙂

  12. Rhonda says: Reply

    Love that idea!! I will be checking your menus too.

  13. Tricia says: Reply

    Great idea! I need to expand my dinner repetoire.

    I’ve been trying to cook one new recipe per week + two other home cooked meals. The four other nights are usually leftovers, ready-prepared, take-out or eat-out.

  14. DebiP says: Reply

    so I like you do not open the cafe for meals we all eat the same…I can bribe my kids to eat with broccoli…I will give you broccoli if you eat…your a good mommy

    gotta love it.

    PS I miss you on the boards…

  15. Tam says: Reply

    I agree! No special meals will be served here, either. Your menu looks great. I’ll watch for whatever recipes you wind up posting.

  16. Dana says: Reply

    How about venturing into the vegetarian side of life? I need some new ideas! 🙂

  17. Jenn says: Reply

    Yum! My kids and your kid could eat well together. I get a bit crabby at all the kids meals at amuesment parks that contain nothing other than chicken nuggets, hot dogs, and mac & cheese. Now with the food allergies we are dealing with, I finally think I will be able to order my kids some decent food without having to get them a huge adult serving. I love the side bar and wish I was that organized.

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