What does hair loss have to do with my love affair with mops?

I have this strange love affair with mops. I really like to have a clean floor in my house. Now this isn’t to say that I clean the floor constantly. On the contrary rather. I just happen to really like it when it is clean.

I cannot tell you how many mops I have bought in the time we have been married. I have tried the sponge mop, the cotton rag mop. I have used swiffer wet and I even own a Hoover Floor Mate. I like the Hoover a lot! But my favorite mop to date is the Libman Wonder Mop. It has a great pull down ring out feature. It doesn’t get the floor too wet and it cleans like a dream. It has been a very long time since I have broken out the Libman. I typically use the Hoover or the Swiffer. They are quicker and easier. The whole mop and bucket thing just is a pain in the butt.

We happen to have white kitchen floors. This is not by my choice. We inherited them with the house. My dad’s first comment about our house, "ohh, you aren’t going to like those floors." Yeah Dad, you were right.

Yesterday our Social worker was coming for the update on our homestudy. So I thought I would get handy and actually mop the floors. By the way the best cleaning agent to be used with said Libman is Murphy’s Oil Soap. This stuff is the best for everything. Anyway… I busted out the trusty Libman and mopped my little heart out. This took all of 2 seconds since our kitchen is so dang small.

Well… I found the flaw with my beloved mop. The mop has the ability to get under certain items in our kitchen, like the refrigerator and the butcher block. These are not places that my broom can reach. So what does the mop do? It flicks out dust bunnies the size of small rodents and copious amounts of my hair. I sound like a slob now don’t I? I am not really, I just don’t clean out under my fridge. This is the problem when you own 2 cats and your hair is falling out from stress.

My 2 second mop job turned into picking up bits of wet dirty cat fur then mopping again. But you should see my floors. They are sparkly clean!!

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