What a Crock

Although we’ve had many comments about how cute the boy is and that we should seriously think about getting him an agent I’d never given it a serious thought. ?I wasn’t feeling well one day and somehow happened upon a gawd awful show about how there are some mothers who pimp their kids out at every given opportunity. ?It was about pageants. ?I loathe children’s pageants.

I admit, my kid is cute. ?Cuter than most, but I’m his mom and a little biased.

I was at a playdate on Thursday afternoon and the mom mentioned that she entered her son in the Gap Casting Call contest. ?The competitive side of me took over and when I got home I was compelled to enter.

I carefully selected a photo (that we had taken), filled out the entry form and thought I read the rules. ?I did. ?I read the rules. ?I’d like to think I’m an informed individual.

Friday night I received an email saying that our entry had been approved and that we should forward it to all of our friends and family. ?Being the ultra competitive person that I am I held off posting about it and didn’t forward the email to anyone who I knew had a child in my son’s age group (baby boy, even though he turns 5 before the contest ends). ?Yes, I’m that competitive. ?I was the good mom and voted for my child and then I took a look at the other contestants (my kid is so the cutest). ?This is where I noticed that things were not going to be fair.

I’m not exactly sure when the “casting call” portion started. ?I do know that entries will be taken through October 22nd (I was totally going to forward that email and post about this on Friday… yes, competitive). ?While looking I noticed a button that said, see the current fan favorite or something like that. ?At this point I should back up and mention that the contestant with the most votes (fan favorite) gets a trip to Jamaica. ?Yes, I am totally trying to make up for that time I got slighted by United Airlines when they stole 43,000 air miles from me (that would have bought me a ticket to Jamaica). ?Anyway, I look at the kid with the most votes and that kid already has 23,000 votes. ?He isn’t nearly as cute as my kid. ?But 23,000 votes?! ?Those people are TOTALLY cheating. ?Evidently, fan favorite voting starts once your child is entered. ?So if you don’t enter until the week before the contest ends you are a week or more down on voting. ?It isn’t a fair playing field. ?Here’s another thing. ?You can enter the contest more than once. ?There are kids on their with 5 entries and all of those entries have over 1000 votes each.

Now the part that really really really pisses me off is this. ?I did my duty and forwarded the email AND voted for my own kid (obviously), but when I clicked on the link in the email today… it didn’t work. ?I searched for the boy’s ID number, “no such match” ?My member name, “no such match.” ?I am totally getting screwed here or that damn contest is rigged. ?I tried to email the contest people to say, what the hell! and I got an auto reply directing me to the FAQ portion of their page. ?I have a FAH-Q for you people of the Gap Casting call.

Come on. ?Have a fair contest. ?I’ve been accused of cheating in my time, but not when it comes to something like this. ?My cheating days are trying to dupe my Grandma out of matchsticks while playing 21. ?Oh come on, like you’ve never tried to swindle your Granny.

Now I’ve probably shot myself in the foot for posting this ranty little bit for any future hope of winning the legit portion of the contest, but honestly, isn’t this just the cutest damn kid you’ve ever seen?

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  1. Margaret says: Reply

    I went to vote for him and it didn’t look like it registered. Another friend of mine has her daughter and her son entered and I can’t even find their entries anymore.

    It’s just like the contest I’m in now. Sign up started on the 2nd, but I didn’t sign up until much later. So everyone who signed up on the first day has a good 12 days of voting that I missed out on.

  2. I know a couple of people on Facebook who have been asking folks to vote for their kids in the casting call every day for weeks so you are definitely behind! And I’m sure there are people who have high traffic blogs and posted it.

  3. lauri says: Reply

    love those pics

  4. Know people as well asking for the gap thing. Thought about it and started to fill out but it was too much effort. We have been told a bunch of times to pimp the girls out, you know cute twins..anyway, it is all rigged. And gap clothes aren’t even as cute as they used to be!

  5. Heidi says: Reply

    Cutest bot EV-AH (after mine)! 😉

  6. Kami says: Reply

    That is too funny! I entered Braylon in the contest too but decided to not even bother with the fan favorite nonsense after seeing all the votes a few of the other cheater kids have! We could still win a trip to N.Y. or Vegas to see the Lion King though.

  7. Andrea says: Reply

    I love those photos. Ever since you first posted a link to Willow it’s been my dream that someday when I get married I might fly her to me to do the photos! If I can’t take my own wedding pictures (and that seems to be the general consensus) then I would want her to.

    Of that fantastic slideshow of you folks, I have to say that photos 11, 24, 27 and 43 are my favourites, but he is just adorability personified in all of them.

  8. luneray says: Reply

    swindling my granny? I totally remember the 27 cents I won against her playing blackjack that SHE still has yet to pay up. Oh, and that game was when I was 7 and I’m 40 now. Yeah, and Granny died a few years ago. AND she still never paid me my 27 cent winnings! 😛

  9. Oh he’ll be a heartbreaker for sure! Very slavic features too, he reminds me of my cousin when he was little.

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