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The other day I mentioned that Galina had spoken with the Mirnoe Orphanage director, Natasha, about what she needed for the orphanage.  The reason Galina was in Mirnoe to speak with Natasha was because I asked her to travel there to take photos of the children.

I will remind you that Galina receives no compensation from Sweet Hope for all that she does for us.  She is in (at least) her 70s and is so faithful to her community she is happy to help us.  Galina has always had a special place in her heart for children, but I truly believe that the Sweet Hope project has opened even her eyes to the plight of these forgotten children.  She and the Slavyanka women now take patronage over this little orphanage and bring their story to the people of the Khabarovsk territory.  She has even sent a report that an American family recently visited Khabarovsk and returned with their 2 adopted children.  The family visited the children’s former orphanage and the family put on a musical show for the children.  The television stations and newspapers covered the story.  Positive things are happening, we just don’t hear about them often enough.

In October Galina wrote to tell me that she had traveled to Mirnoe, but many of the children were at school so she was unable to take many photos.  I was happy to learn that the children were at school so not having photos wasn’t much of a bother.  Galina said that she would send the photos she did have and was also sending drawings that some of the children had done.  I was expecting rudimentary pictures drawn with crayon on plain white paper.  I wasn’t prepared for the artistry that she had sent.

This work was done by children.  Despite the lives they lead they still are children.  Vibrant bright children.

I also got to see some of their faces and the home where they live.

These are the real children that Sweet Hope helps. These are the faces that are directly impacted by your support. We can’t do this without you.  Come on, buy the candy.  You know you want to.

If you can’t buy please consider spreading the word about us.  Put a button on your website, put a shout out on facebook or twitter.  Anything helps.

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    Two cats, one puppy the size of 10, teeny tiny house, and yet… I would bring them home if I could. Wouldn’t it be nice, if next year, these same faces were no longer there. 🙁

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