If you are inquisitive enough to actually find this blog then welcome! This is the life of Elle. That’s me. I am forging a new path into the world of html and blog design. Our original blog started as a way for us to communicate with our family about our upcoming Russian adoption. My husband started the blog and I regularly post to it. However, I thought it best to leave the template alone until I actually figured out how to design blog templates.
This one is my first creation! Took me a good 3 hours and it isn’t even that fantastic. Man this is going to be hard work. Evidently for good design you have to know how to program html code and css code. (sound overwhelming? it is)

Don’t expect long elloquent posts. Do expect the template to change frequently though. I hope to design templates to assist in the battle to rid the internet of ugly blogs. Once I get there I will let you know. You might even be graced with a new template of your own. In the mean time, check out some designers that rock! Miss Zoot is one of the best out there. (although due to a new infant unit recently installed into her house she has suspended blog creation) The ladies at Ciao my Bella also do a killer job.

So enjoy!

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