Weekly wrap-up

Bullet Style!? (but say it with jazz hands to get the full effect)

  • Yes, today is our 11th wedding anniversary.? No.? We are not doing anything super spectacular today.? Tomorrow the trusty in-laws are coming to watch the boy so the trusty husband and I can spend the day together.? We are going to the Seattle Street of Dreams, going out to a movie and dinner.? That’s a lot of us time!
  • If you do the math and note that today is our 11th anniversary and that back in June I celebrated my 31st birthday you will realize that I was, in fact, 20 years old when I got married.? I do not recommend this to anyone.? It worked out well for us, but for most it will not.
  • To celebrate our anniversary I busted out the last good Russian chocolate bar I have.? This was because the trusty husband put the boy down for a nap and 20 minutes later (after Derek left for a hair cut) I turned on the monitor to hear my child running his feet along the crib side like an inmate.? Oddly this is what his Auntie Lee-Lee did when she was a kid.? Only she wore ankle braces and it was louder.? Either way, I had to inform the child that he wasn’t a caged animal and he needed to go to sleep.? He was a little pissed.
  • The chocolate is oh so very good, but like I said, it is my last bar.? If anyone is going to Russia soon will you please bring me back some chocolate?? Oh, and a bottle of vodka might be nice.
  • I have come to realize that there are far too many people in the world named Jennifer.? Particularly those who go by Jenny.? You are all mandated to now change your name.
  • Jenny left a comment on my hair post that she couldn’t wait to see it in person and I got all excited!? I thought holy Shit, Jens*? is coming out here!? Then I realized it was Jenny from the mommy group.? I was still excited, but I see her all the time**.? I’ve never met Jenny in person.
  • For the love of gawd!? I have Jenny, Jenny, Jenni, Jenn, Jenny2 and Jeneflower (Jen).


I need to quit with the foot notes

*We call Jenny from Twins Jens in this house.? I have no clue why.? I started it and it stuck.

**Ok, I’d get super excited to see Jenny from the mommy group too.

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  1. Carrie says: Reply

    Wow! Happy anniversary!! ZM and I celebrated 11 years last January, 12 days after my 30th birthday… yup I was (barely) 19 when we we got married and I know exactly what you mean about it not being the right thing for most people but it’s wonderful for us.

  2. Nancy says: Reply

    yesterday was our 10th anniversary, sadly I had no Russian chocolate or vodka left to give the day that extra special feel.

  3. Dede says: Reply

    Happy Anniversary! We celebrated our 11th on August 3rd but I’m not saying how old I was when we got married (let’s just say I wasn’t barely anything). Have a fun time in Seattle.

    Jenny Poo um, I mean Dede. 😉

  4. Jenn says: Reply

    The name is somewhat of a curse as there are tons of ways to spell it and you were guarenteed in High School that there were at least three of you for every hundred in you class. I tried to go with old fashion or different names for my girls….for some reason Olivia, Grace, Aubrey, and Chloe all seem to be popping up everywhere now. Sigh…. Next one gets some kind of crazy name just so they can be different!

  5. Jenn says: Reply

    Forgot to add Happy Anniversary, we married young too (I was 19) and while it is working well for us at nearly 10 years I am not sure I’d recommend it to everyone either. Enjoy your time out!

  6. Tricia says: Reply

    Happy Anniversary! I am hoping to be able to help you out on the Russian chocolate thing…. very soon!

    Also found this link today

    And this one

  7. Tricia says: Reply

    Why do I have a ha ha next to me? I’m far from being an elle newbie!

  8. Jenny says: Reply

    I have a nickname? Seriously? That is the best thing evah! Jennifer sucks basically. I hated it. Now I just ignore it. As an adult you don’t run into that many. I have a friend that calls me Nif.

    And I will come out there some time. Conor has like 5 clients in PNW. Right up your alley. And he just got one in Tacoma actually, some stupid lab but hey it is money for us and I am sure C will have a trip their eventually and I could hook on and bring the girls.

    Anyway. I refer to you as “you know C, Elle…”real name”…the woman in WA…with the boy…the blonde…hockey…blog…black dresses…” it is funny cause he knows exactly who you are just never knows which name I am referring to you as.

    Happy 11! Have a great time. Man you were young. We were 23 and people called us crazy.

    Love ya—Happy Anniversary!!!

  9. Mom says: Reply

    Happy Anniversary from both Mike and I! Eleven years is truly something to be proud of nowadays. Getting married young usually ends with disaster but you guys have beaten the statistics. Yea!!! Hope you guys have a fun escape and celebrate, celebrate, dance to the music.

  10. Jenny says: Reply

    And happy I am to see you all the time, says Jenny from local Mommy group. That can be my nickname, who cares that it’s too long.

    But it’s nice to know all us late twenties/early thirties girls had mommas who got the “Jenny” memo.

  11. Rebecca says: Reply

    Happy Anniversary! What movie are you seeing?
    Should we blame “Love Story?” Isn’t that where all the Jennifer’s came from in our age group?
    Again, congratulations!

  12. kate says: Reply

    send me your address…who knows what may appear in your post…

  13. Dana says: Reply

    I’m getting caught up here…after reading the post about your hair I was on a mission to find a new hairstyle myself. I spent all this time, at work mind you, searching the Internet for a new look. I didn’t find one but I did go with a new color. It’s dark, dark underneath and then blond on top with even blonder and dark streaks in it. Rob hates it. I love it. And yes, yours is VERY cute. Happy Anniversary! Hope your outing went well. I may be calling when it comes to food and a baby. I still think you should try out some vegetarian recipes so I have something new to eat!

  14. I am totally changing my name to Jen, just to be aggravating. Russian Standard vodka rocks…and Happy Anniversary!

  15. Happy Anniversary! And happy belated birthday!! It has been so long that we have been in contact. I remember last year, I had just gotten back from Russia with N and I had a birthday on 6/23 and you were right around there. Congrats on everything in the last year. I am back in the land of living. I want to update my blog, I see your “signature” Elle designs everywhere. So, it is about that time that I get in line for a new Elle design.

    Hope you are doing well! Look forward to reading more!!


  16. Jenni says: Reply

    Jennifer was a very popular name in the 70’s. It’s always been a bit annoying for me because I usually shared the name with about 2-6 other girls in my class (although I’ve never gone by “Jennifer”). This is why my kids have unique names. At least my parents threw in a twist and spelled “Jenni” with an “i” instead of the usual “y”. (They claim they named me after Gwenevere in Camelot. Why then, is my name not Gwen?)

    I think everything sounds better when said with “jazz hands.” So, here you go, with jazz hands a la Jack from “Will and Grace,”


  17. I am in complete agreement about the jennifer thing. It has been the bane of my existence. That is why I opted for a nickname variation.

  18. Happy Anniversary! I’m also maried 11 years. But I’m a few years older. Time flies, right?

    Yeah, we’ve had an epidemic of Jennifers at work now…it’s kinda funny.

  19. Lena says: Reply

    I’m glad you had a great weekend, winetasting without children is an event to savor (the mommy group went winetasting with children and trusty husbands).

    I’m expecting shipment of Swedish chocolate soon, it’s my goal to convert you to Swedish chocolate. 🙂

    Plus your bracelet is ready for you.

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