Weekend Wrap-up

It’s Monday. How’s that for a blinding glimpse of the obvious? Busy weekend here at Chez Elle. Every night was a late night for the boy thus resulting a cranky child today. I would pawn him off on someone today if I didn’t have to take him to get an audiology appointment this afternoon. And why the hell do I have a to take a child that heard me open a box of Cheerios from his bedroom with the door closed to audiology? Because the IA doc told me to. I’m already tired of writing this post so you get the rest bullet style.

  • Friday night we had dinner with the in-laws at a nicer restaurant in Tacoma. I am evidently a dumb mother and thought the one super nasty poop my child had earlier in the day was enough. I elected to take my cute new handbag instead of my not so cute diaper bag. I brought a few cars to entertain the child, but no diapers. I grossly underestimated the power of amoxicillin. The trusty husband had to make a run to the closest store to purchase diapers and wipes. Smooooth.
  • Saturday we did some yard work. The boy was sitting in the pile of old and busted “compost” that Dane the Dumbass previous homeowner left for us. He was getting sufficiently dirty. After a while we were getting ready to go inside and I noticed the boy’s butt was wet. The trusty husband told me it was because he was sitting in the compost pile. Unfortunately he was wrong. Amoxicillin strikes again!
  • Saturday night we were invited to the Rainier Club in Seattle for their Torchlight Parade party. Awesome party. We watched the famous Seafair Torchlight parade right on the street with drinks in hand. Across the street is an old run down apartment building. In the middle of the parade our friend Julie was grabbing our legs (she was sitting on the ground) and stammering. She got the words out that there was a man standing at his window putting on his own special parade show. Old man. No clothes. That sooooo beats Melissa’s stories about SpeedoMan and the flashing tennis player. Sadly, our friend, Andy, didn’t get a photo. He couldn’t bring himself to take a photo of an old naked man.? Did I mention that there were also 2 instances of poop at the hoity social club?? No.? And hoity social clubs so don’t have changing tables.
  • Sunday Derek volunteered to help our friends Matt and Heather rip out their linoleum to get ready for their fancy new hardwood floors. While the boys did manly floor ripping things Heather and I took the kids to the Farmers Market. I had to subject all 4 of the others to a quilt shop so I could buy fabric. They were all good sports.
  • After we got back to Matt & Heather’s house we let the kids play upstairs while Heather and I helped the guys finish pulling up staples out of the sub-floor. Heather went to check on the kids and the boy said his longest sentence yet to her. “No, I want mommy to change my diaper.” Amoxicillin strikes yet again! Of course, I am that ever so bright mom and didn’t have an extra change of clothes. It’s a good thing EEE! is the same size as the boy. Otherwise Oleg would be wearing a pair of La-la’s petal pushers.

And that’s the news.

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  1. Jenny says: Reply

    that is alot of poooo…we had a tummy bug in the house this weekend as well…lots of pedialyte.

  2. Dana says: Reply

    Well it sounds like he’s feeling better! That’s a plus!

    BTW, I bought the B Complex vitamins. I haven’t noticed a difference yet other than they make my pee yellow!

  3. Jenny2 says: Reply

    Amoxicillin is both a blesssing and the devil.

  4. Lucky you on the old man streaker show. ha ha

    I hear ya on the poopy diaper thing. Piney has diarrhea here and we have instructed her not to poop anymore. Not working. We are going through up to 6 poopy diaper changes a day.

  5. Nancy says: Reply

    Whoo-hoo, you did get tickets to the Torchlight parade, and who knew when you were asking if they were free that an extra “free show” would be included.

    Since we see the same Doc, am I going to have to see an audiologist too? I know the girl hears, she hears me tip-toe past her bedroom and shrieks. Here’s hoping the boy’s hearing is a-okay!

  6. Elle, better get to work on that perfect diaper bag you have planned. Don’t you know the cardinal rule? Kids WAIT until we get lazy (about the diaper bag/hauling all the stuff along) and comfortable (with our cute little purses) before springing the big poops in public on us. My 3 y/o son is completely potty trained…no accidents in MONTHS, and this weekend he wet his pants (though thankfully only #1) right when we got to church. Of course, I had nothing with me to change him into and we had to turn around and go back home. All of that getting ready, rushing to get there on time…for nothing.

  7. Mom says: Reply

    Nothing worse then a babe with the poops!

  8. Oh wow, that does beat my stories. I need to take another trip out to the tennis courts to see what else I might can come up with!

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